rent24: There’s something magic about this feel-good community space!

Are you looking for a space for your workshop, seminar, screenings, business presentations or an after work party with free popcorn? “rent24” is your magical space!

Jul 24, 2019 · 4 min read

At Venopi, one of our missions is to help turning single purpose places into multi-functional spaces. We believe that buildings are made to be occupied, not empty and that we can bring people together in existing places in a sustainable way.

We are super excited to welcome rent24 to our community! Most people know them as coworking & office spaces, but they are so much more than that. They are about community, coliving, and a great vibe!

Below is our interview with Agustin Cahyaningtia, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator at rent24. Let’s get into it!

rent24 Amsterdam West — entrance

What are the facts about rent24 that most people don’t know about?
Robert Bukvic started rent24 in Germany, as a sister company to his company called miet24. Here he lends almost everything to everyone, from cars to electronics and from party tents to bands for the party.

As he had spare spaces in his office, he saw an opportunity to rent those out to people with their own company and that’s how rent24 coworking originated/started.

rent24 provides amazing event venues for business and networking events, especially in Amsterdam.

rent24 provides amazing event venues for business and networking events, especially in Amsterdam. We have two unique locations with different settings. In the city center, we are located in Magna Plaza, a historical building in the Netherlands with amazing view of the dam palace. The other location is the Bridge Building in Amsterdam West. It has a large event space with 400 m2 that fits up to 200 people.

As rent24 expands, it also becomes more all-rounded by expanding its horizon to food. It recently opened the doors to The Food Department on the second floor of Magna Plaza.

What do you think is one of the most exciting features of your venue that sets it apart from others?
Our Magna Plaza location is situated in the heart of Amsterdam. This monumental building, with its historical background, is part of the top 100 Dutch heritage sites. It is the former Amsterdam’s main post office and it was built in 1895–1899 in Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance style. Our favorite spot from the space is the Royal Chapel. It is a small meeting room that has an amazing view of the dam palace.

Other than that, our Bridge Building has a very cool event venue that fits many people and has a nice view of the city of Amsterdam. Before entering the event space, you’ll get inspired by the various residents in our community.

Can you tell us a cool experience you have related to rent24?
The opening of The Food Department on the 2nd floor of Magna Plaza. We are giving Magna Plaza a new life and vibe. Take a look at it here!

We also hosted the two-day Startupbootcamp Media selection days at Bridge Building. It was great to welcome 21 startups from around the world investors and mentors in the Media industry. Read about it here!

What kind of events have you hosted so far? What kind of events you’d like to host that you haven’t done?
We are focused on business events, such as networking, workshop, roundtable, matchmaking, conference, and panel discussion.

We would like to host women-related events in the upcoming period.

How much does each booking cost approximately?
It depends on the size of the event. We have three meeting rooms at Bridge Building and two meeting rooms at Magna Plaza. A flexible spacious event space at Bridge Building with 400 m2 size. The meeting rooms could fit around 10–20 people. The prices start at €50 an hour.

Anything new or exciting that you are working on and you’d like to share with us?
We would love to host more interesting events from different startups! Challenge us! We have enough space and they’re absolute feel-good space 😉

Would you like to hire rent24 for your next workshop, seminar, screenings, business presentations or gathering? Or would you like to collaborate on something amazing?

Check them out! Life is too short to be spent at boring locations!

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Our founder, Ivana, created Venopi in 2018 when her partner searched for a kitchen to rent, but could not find any. We found a great kitchen for her and now we have more than 200 spaces for different activities available on the platform. Venopi believes in the power of local sharing and thoughtful use of resources.

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