Venopi at the TEDx Amsterdam Women Conference: Bridging the Gap

Dec 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Last Thursday, during the TEDx Amsterdam Women Conference: Bridging the Gap at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute, the three finalists for the Start Up Award delivered speeches about the ideas behind their companies. More than a hundred founders applied to the TEDx Amsterdam Women Start Up Award competition, and Venopi is honored to be among the final three to make it to the main stage.

Story of Venopi

Founder and CEO, Ivana, began by telling the audience about the story of how she started Venopi. When a friend was searching for a space to shoot a short film, they realized how difficult it can be to find a suitable location… especially with a limited budget. Eventually they found a restaurant that offered to let them film while they were prepping for the evening, but the deal was that they had to be out by the time the restaurant opened at 6 pm.

Intrigued by this concept of sharing space, Ivana started thinking about what other possibilities there could be in Amsterdam.

Today, Venopi is proud to connect people to places, simultaneously helping business owners to maximise the usage of space and generate additional income while also enabling entrepreneurs to share space to try out their ideas.

The Conference

It was an honor to stand on stage with inspirational women who shared their passions in a wide range of mediums. From spoken word poetry to dance, discussions about the ways in which infrastructure reveals gender bias, and women’s experiences working in the media, the conference Bridging the Gap brought together people from different places.

The Winners

In the end, Venopi came in third place after Code Gorilla, co-founded by Diem Do, in first place, and Closure, co-founded by Graciella and Chantal, in second place.

Last year, Venopi didn’t make it past the pre-selection round; this year, we were proud to be a finalist and share the Venopi vision.


Marketplace for commercial & non traditional spaces


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Marketplace for commercial & non traditional spaces

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