Venue Feature: Labyrinth

Jan 15, 2019 · 4 min read

Located at the end of Vondelpark on Amstelveenseweg, you’ll find Labyrinth, home of Mixology, Food to Share, & Poetry in Amsterdam. Labyrinth is one of the latest additions to the Venopi marketplace. At Labyrinth, you can find a beautiful bar and restaurant space that is now available for booking.

A little bit about Labyrinth…

Meet the expert bartender behind Labyrinth, Sam, one of the best mixologists in Amsterdam.

“Making a cocktail is about finding the right balance, just like life itself.”

Labyrinth celebrates mixology through their artistic cocktails, African-Caribbean soul food to share, exceptional live music, and helps to cultivate poetry and spoken word.

P.S. You can book a cocktail workshop for at least 8 people, contact hosts Sam & Lincie via email.

Labyrinth & Venopi

Labyrinth recently made their listing on Venopi live and now the cultural center in Amsterdam West is available to be booked. It is worth noting that on Tuesdays they are closed to the public and available for public events. Opening at 4 pm, you can book a meeting during the day (before they open), or discuss a private party on an evening.

What type of events would work at Labyrinth?

If you are looking for a private space to celebrate your special occasion, Labyrinth is the place for you. The deep midnight walls and electric lighting create a warm, cozy, and comfortable high-end vibe and sophisticated atmosphere for your event.

If you are looking for a place to meet and connect with your team or medium sized group away from the office, Labyrinth could be the perfect space for a workshop, off-site team meeting, or gathering for an event. There are sixteen tables that can seat 45 people, they can be arranged to suit your needs. There are two sections of the open plan layout around the central bar. They could be used as separate spaces or one larger combined event space.

They also have incredible food, take a look at the menu here

Come and check them out

If you’d like to get a feel for the place, come visit Labyrinth at one of the events they have this month. Every Sunday starting at 7 pm there is live jazz and poetry.

On Monday they host an Open Mic night starting at 8:45 pm (register at 8 pm).

Labyrinth Poetry Night takes place on the last Saturday of every month, an evening with performances by contemporary poets, spoken word artists, and live music.

Are you looking for kitchen space?

As true pioneers in the sharing economy, Labyrinth also makes their kitchen available to rent for whatever your culinary needs may be. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to launch a baking business? Maybe you are a chef without a kitchen? Take a look at the Labyrinth kitchen and grow your culinary business with Venopi.

Book Labyrinth on Venopi!

Hey, we are building Venopi!

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Our founder, Ivana, created Venopi in 2018 when her partner searched for a kitchen to rent, but could not find any. We found a great kitchen for her and now we have more than 200 spaces for different activities available on the platform. Venopi believes in the power of local sharing and thoughtful use of resources.

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