Why you should build and strengthen your company culture through unique activities!

Company culture has the power to make or break your business.

Oct 23, 2019 · 4 min read

Team-building events are as important as they are cliché. In a time where people change jobs more often than I wash my hair, or at least that’s what it feels like. The work culture has become more critical than ever before.

People need a sense of belonging and purpose. We all want to make a difference and matter to something that we believe in. I work at least 40h per week; thus, I spend most of my wake-able hours at work. For me, work plays a massive role in my happiness, and I feel that this is a relatable situation for most of us.

As a community builder at Venopi; human interactions, engagements & emotions are something that I care deeply. I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone would go to work with a sense of purpose. Knowing that we’re spending our day with the people we genuinely enjoy being around with, who inspire us and motivate us to be a better version of ourselves.

“50% of the positive changes in communication patterns within the workplace can be accredited to social interaction outside of the workplace.”*

A team who believes in each other and communicate effectively will make a significant impact on their product. In fact, 50% of the positive changes in communication patterns within the workplace can be accredited to social interaction outside of the workplace. One way to stimulate this kind of trust bond is by strengthening the company culture through unique activities, such as team-building event.

Team building is about creating an inclusive and safe environment for you and your team. Doing it the right way could strengthen your team’s bond tremendously, one theme example I’d like to share with you today is:

That was the question Booking.com’s team had to answer in a not-so-typical team-building event.

Last month we helped Booking.com to organise a small team-building event. Their budget was limited, but their spirit was high 🌈

We connected them with Pipes & Beans — a quality coffee cafe, located near Hoofddorplein in Amsterdam. Pipes & Beans is available to rent evenings after 17.00/17.30. An ideal location for intimate gatherings such as this, we thought.

You can “Bring your own food” at Pipes & Beans

For their team-building activity, they played Murder Mystery. A murder mystery game starts with a murder being committed. Then it’s up to you, and the rest of the participants to figure out who committed the crime. After all the interrogations and clues, it’s time to accuse the one you think is guilty of the crime.

What better way to build a strong team than accusing each other of cold blood murder? 🤷🎉

What a great team!

“Companies and organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain the best employees.”*

Are you looking for a space to host your next team-building event? Get in contact with me, and I’ll help you out!

Stefanie’s review about Venopi

*Source: https://blog.bit.ai/collaboration-statistics/

Would you like to rent Pipes & Beans for your next team building event? Or would you like to collaborate on something amazing?

Check them out! Life is too short to be spent at boring locations!

Hey, we are building Venopi!

A marketplace for unique spaces to work, learn, celebrate and live. If you are a space owner — list your space with us. Make use of your extra space, earn more income, fund your ideas, and feel part of a creative community.

Our founder, Ivana, created Venopi in 2018 when her partner searched for a kitchen to rent, but could not find any. We found an excellent kitchen for her, and now we have more than 200 spaces for different activities available on the platform. Venopi believes in the power of local sharing and thoughtful use of resources.

We are always open to conversations and suggestions; you can reach us at hello@venopi.com.


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Marketplace for commercial & non traditional spaces

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