Why Most Startups Don’t Succeed?

Akhat Grant
Nov 3 · 3 min read

We have seen the rate at which startups are coming up in various industries around the globe. Most of these startups have failed due to the competition, team management, marketing, and product development factors. These startups have lacked the right tools in other for them to succeed. For us to solve these problems startups encounter, we have launched Ventmode. Ventmode is a platform that connects startups with the right audience. We have built an ecosystem in which startups and enterprises can strive and accomplish remarkable Success.

Here are our platforms Highlighted features in other to counter the various problems startups face:

→Our startup model

This model is vital to every startups success, as it is the bedrock of them all. Startups will be able to leverage our platform services and strategies starting from customer support, campaigns, marketing promotions, press releases, technical development, and business model development.

Imagine the scenario, were a new startup, Neertech. Neertech launches and wants to reach out to a lot of potential customers and users. Neertech goes for the usual advertisements and after three months still no visible change in user growth and customer base. That is sad right!? Well, Neertech can easily solve their problems by leveraging our startup model, within a month Neertech will experience huge user growth and more customer base. I know, it sounds amazing !!!

— Moving on —

→Our Exchange model

Most crypto projects starting off have problems with token valuation and liquidity, if not all. Yeah, it is a big challenge. Nonetheless, we are facing this problem head-on. The strategy we have put in place is to build our own decentralized and centralized exchange, to give startups going into partnership with us a chance at preference.

Let’s have a close view, so Matkan startup wants to list its token on an exchange, Lumpay. Lumpay has good customer support, liquidity and its just centralized. However, Matkan wants to list on an exchange which has both the centralized and decentralized features. There is a problem with Lumpay you see!!. Nonetheless, VentExchange is the solution. It will be all-encompassing, providing high security, good liquidity and comprehensively user-friendly.

I know, I know. It’s a lot to take in!!! Just take a break, you are almost done.

→Our Investment model

It’s no news that startups finally raise funds and end up wasting it up without fully achieve their set goals. Our Investment model simply ensures this does not happen, when startups leverage(use) our Real estate platform. We simply set up an agreement with the startups to invest a portion of their funds in real estates and the startups can earn profits. This model is so unique that it attracts more investors to the startup and makes the investors more confidence in the startup.

Like it is said in crypto, we don’t need more blockchains. We need more real use cases.

Congrats, you are done. Take a Deep Breath!!

More details?

Visit our website: www.ventmode.io


go through our whitepaper: www.ventmode.io/whitepaper/en


Ventmode strives in connecting startups with the Right Audience

Akhat Grant

Written by

Founder/Engineer/Blockchain Expert



Ventmode strives in connecting startups with the Right Audience

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