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Announcing our new promotions in 2022

Every start of a new year provides us with a special window to take a step back from the constant state of change and to reflect on the defining moments of our recent past. As we’ve shared through our 2021 Year in Review earlier in January, 2021 was a seminal year for White Star Capital. We announced WSC Fund III, a testament to our continued commitment towards relentless founders who are building globally ambitious technology companies across North America, Europe, and Asia. We also made astounding progress with WSC Digital Asset Fund I as we partnered with Web3 founders across the world who are redefining how technology companies are built and what the internet empowers us to accomplish together. The phenomenal partnerships we’ve made are results of a unifying thread in discipline and teamwork across the firm. 2021 was just another year that was built on the bedrock of these founding principles.

In 2014, White Star Capital debuted with WSC Fund I to partner with transatlantic founders in North America and Europe. It took equal amounts of intellectual discipline and close teamwork across borders for us to anticipate that the technology industry would blossom into a truly borderless economy despite being tightly localized at the time. With every new milestone that followed, we relied on the same level of discipline to learn from our decisions and to calibrate our path forward. This was the case when we launched a subsequent WSC Fund II and expanded into Asia or when we built a dedicated crypto strategy from the ground up. As a result, we hold ourselves accountable to the importance of discipline and teamwork to this day; otherwise, we would fall short on our promise to match our founders’ ambitions as active partners.

The US market has been an important part of our story from the beginning. While the world of venture capital no longer revolves solely around the US, it certainly continues to be heavily influenced by the largest and most mature technology hub in the world. New software categories are still christened more frequently in the US than outside of it, and the $20tn technology economy continues to reinforce the most deeply entrenched network effect the world has ever seen- one made up of talent, capital, and opportunities. Because of this, our firm’s central presence in the US serves as an important anchor to not only how we view the global technology landscape but also how we partner with founders around the world.

As we reflect on our success so far and our opportunities ahead in the US, we come back to the notion of discipline and teamwork once again. Our steadfast commitment to work tremendously hard alongside our founders remains critical. Empowering each of our team members to embody this principle and to extend our thinking is absolutely paramount. And that is why we want to continue investing in our firm’s future and it’s core roots in the US through a series of well-deserved promotions in our US team.

Today is an exciting day for us as we formally announce the promotion of our colleagues Eddie Lee to Partner, Karolina Mrozkova to Principal, and Spencer Henry to Associate.

Eddie Lee promoted to Partner

Eddie joined us in 2017 during his MBA years at Columbia Business School. Since then, he has been instrumental to deepening our US focus across fintech, SaaS, and gaming by leveraging both his background in traditional finance as well as his wide ranging personal interests across different areas in technology. Time and again, he has demonstrated his ability to earn the trust of our founders as an advisor and friend. He also cultivated our firm’s presence in South Korea, working closely with both founders and Limited Partners. We recognize Eddie’s contributions to our success by welcoming him to the firm’s partnership.

Karolina Mrozkova promoted to Principal

Karolina started with us four years ago with a unique background in luxury fashion and consumer commerce. Whether in initially supporting the partners as part of the investment team, or now in leading many of our new relationships with founders and co-investors, Karolina has proven herself as an exceptional team member with her trademark combination of intellectual rigor and warm personality. It has been an absolute pleasure to witness Karolina’s own growth as an investor with deep expertise in digital health and consumer businesses. We are excited for Karolina as she now becomes a senior member of our investment team and takes on additional leadership responsibilities in the US.

Spencer Henry promoted to Associate

Spencer joined us from J.P. Morgan’s Technology Investment Banking group last year as the newest addition to the White Star Capital investment team. His bias towards action was evident from the beginning as his personal interests in the gaming industry led him to initially reach out to us. We were thoroughly impressed with Spencer’s deep seated passion for and depth of knowledge in technology companies as we got to know him more intimately. Since officially starting with us, Spencer quickly became an indispensable team member, getting deeply embedded into all aspects of our investments and operations. We look forward to Spencer’s continued growth as an Associate as he develops his own unique set of expertise as an investor.

Updates from the wider US team

Alongside these promotions, our US team continues to evolve so that we can best deliver on our own ambitions. Eric Martineau-Fortin, founder of White Star Capital, will be relocating with his family to Europe this year after having been an active investor in New York since 2007. While maintaining close ties with founders in both the US and Europe, Eric plans to spend increasing time further developing our fast-growing Asian operations out of Singapore by supporting Cristina Ventura and Joe Wei who are our local venture partners. In addition, Sep Alavi who leads WSC Digital Asset Fund will be taking a larger role as Global Managing Partner of the WSC Digital Asset Fund as our investment focus in web3 becomes more robust and comprehensive globally. And finally, our US-based venture partners, Alberto Lopez Toledo and Nicolas Zylberstein, will continue to collaborate very closely with the rest of our team. Alberto joins us as both venture partner and CTO, having worked with us previously as the CTO of our portfolio company Freshly, and will be sharing world-class engineering expertise with our founders. Nicolas continues to deepen both our network in the west coast and our collective thinking in consumer technology with his current role at ByteDance focusing on strategy, operations, M&A, and investments.

Please join us in congratulating Eddie, Karolina, and Spencer on their promotions. We’re truly lucky to count these phenomenal individuals as colleagues. We’re excited for everything that our wider US team will accomplish together for the years to come.

White Star Capital is a global multi-stage technology investment platform that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs building ambitious, international businesses. Operating out of Guernsey, New York, London, Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, our presence, perspective, and people enable us to partner closely with our Founders to help them scale internationally from Series A onwards.



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