Investing in mnubo to capitalize on the proliferation of sensors and connected objects

By: Jean-François Marcoux

Connected objects and devices are expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. Industry research firm ABI Research believes that over 16 billion connected devices are already deployed and this will grow to 41B by 2020.

Each remote sensor, whether it is a Jawbone, a connected car, a Nest Learning Thermostat or one of many forms of industrial equipment, is constantly tracking and collecting data.

As such, globally it is expected that machine-to-machine (M2M) IP traffic will grow 21-fold from 179 petabytes in 2013 to 3.7 exabytes by 2018 according to Cisco IBSG.

Cisco VNI Forecasts 132 Exabytes per Month of IP Traffic by 2018

But today, most of these devices are simply dumb (and expensive) sensors.

We have met with many companies worldwide in the IoT space and developed a thesis that rather than back one gadget-maker we wanted to back the engine that could power them all. We determined that the most value-added piece of the engine lies in data storage and real-time data analytics. The true value will come from the insights generated from the data gathered by those billions connected objects.

Having evaluated the space thoroughly, we identified mnubo through our market research across geographies and reached out to the team proactively at the end of 2014. We are excited to back mnubo, whose SaaS platform is already collecting millions of data points from connected devices from their consumer and industrial partners.

Mnubo’s horizontal platform is currently being used by customers in verticals spanning key IoT segments, including wearables like smart watches, consumer devices like connected bicycles, smart appliances, home and building automation, industrial and agriculture companies as well as automotive partners.

Key uses cases for mnubo client include: assessment of connected products’ quality, usage and behaviour tracking, monitoring and optimization of connected data assets to improve operations and business processes, and contextual awareness and predictive analysis to determine trends, patterns and anomalies.

Mnubo was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs with a strong database engineering, product and business background. After more than 2 years of development and having self-funded the business, the Company released its real-time data analytics platform in the last year and its customer base and pipeline are rapidly growing.

Mnubo’s solution is critical to transform that data into actionable insights. From consumer devices to industrial conglomerates, clients already see mnubo’s solution as a core part of their technology. We are excited to be backing the experienced management team at mnubo as they scale their global footprint and customer base.

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