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What Makes a Good Board Member: Podcast

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I was a guest on the Private Equity Funcast discussing what makes a great board member.

I’ve assembled this advice having been in thousands of board meetings and having witnessed some outstanding board directors.

In addition, in my Chicago Booth VC Lab class, we do a board simulation that includes outside guests with board experience. At the conclusion of the class, the guests share their general advice about boards, both from the investor and founder perspectives. I’ve collected that feedback over the last decade, and it’s infused in my advice in this podcast.

This appearance was a consequence of a tweet storm I did about board meetings, board members, and board materials.




Jason is a venture capitalist, business school professor and former software engineer. Jason is a Partner at Origin Ventures and he has been in the venture business since 2001. He also teaches the venture capital and private equity lab class at Chicago Booth.

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Jason Heltzer

Jason Heltzer

Dad, venture capitalist at @OriginVentures, @chicagobooth professor, Chicagoan. I was a nerd before it was cool to be a nerd.

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