Caleb Mbakwe
Jun 25, 2017 · 5 min read

Can Nigeria improve it’s business environment with technology?

On June 24th, the federal government kicked off the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) Hackathon. A competition spurred by the 60-Day National Action Plan on Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria. The National Action Plan contained initiatives and actions to be implemented by responsible Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), the National Assembly, the Governments of Lagos and Kano states, as well as some private sector stakeholders.

The major goal of the hackathon, is to use technology to improve the ease of doing business in Nigeria.

Here’s a short summary of the teams and their proposed projects at the PEBEC Hackothon 2017.

#Team MUDHUT Technologies
Members: Damilola Olaitan, Olarewaju Aderonke Morufat, Olayiwola OLuwaseun, and Odunayo idowu Mary.

Mudhut technologies intends to bridge the gap between relevant parties (investors stakeholders, external and internal customers etc) and MDA’s at the port and borders (airport, seaports) by data mining of the collated data from these regions so as to attain business intelligence.

#Team Swiftsynq
Temidayo Adefioye, Tejumola David, Olafisoye Demilade and Kunmi Ololade.

The team is creating a product called “MEDISNOOP”. Medisnoop is all about accountability, it is an app and a dashboard platform that helps citizens share their medical experiences at federal hospital, with those who can solve them, — The government.
The government, through this platform, also gets to know where the real health service issues lie

#Team ServiTrack

Members: Job Oyebisi, Ayodeji Adewusi, Folarin Olufemi and Kesiana Obajuwana

Team ServiTrack are developing, well, you guessed it right, ServiTrack, a chariot service that both citizens and foreigners can use to provide feedback report and make complaints and even ~blow a whistle~ to appropriate authorities and social media about the quality of service offered to them at the airports and if there are commendable acts and quality service offered by these personnel at the airport, the app, serviTrack, allows users to report such commendable acts and discuss it on social media ( Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

#Team Rhapsody

Members: Ayokunnu Ojeniyi, Kayode Shobolaje, Olubukola Akintola and Gregory Adenekan

This E-government Citizen Engagement app seeks to establish a framework that allows citizens to lay complaints and feedback to relevant MDA’s. The app has a dashboard that instantly provides insights into complaints/feedback received. Some of those include number of opened/closed complaints. Number of complaints that breached an SLA and other analytic features.

#Team Zynar

Members: Bamigboye Tosin, Gbolahan Oladejo, Rotimi Bamigboye and James Ikpeme

Team Zynar are working on a platform to connect government with citizens through efficient collection of feedback and building a service dashboard for decision makers to learn about pain points and areas that need improvement. Collecting and converting feedback to insights to aid ease of doing business

#Team Tenece

Members: Uchechukwu Nwokoma, Peter Adewusi, Nnamdi Stephen, and Onuekwusi Chidi

Our solution stems on the Open Government initiative for MDA’s — The need for openness and citizens feedback in MDA’s in Nigeria cannot be over emphasised. Citizens can and should be carried along in the projects and contracts carried out in the various units and agencies of the government and equally have their feedback and comments taken. The processes carried out by these agencies in serving the citizens should be rated and ranked based on input from them. This solution is to tackle these conditions, providing a means for the populace to Monitor, track and comment on on-going projects and awarded contracts and to give feedbacks based on the services rendered by these MDA’s

#Team Ureckkalabs

Members: Adeyinka Isioye, Mariam Jumoke, Lawerejce Odediran and Shalvah Adebayo

A first of its kind government /public service management solution that bridges the divide between citizens & Government. Team Ureckklabs are solving the problems of Ease of doing business by enforcing MDA transparency, an improved quality of service & a loss of Revenue by Creating a tool that provides a 3 — in — 1 standardized access to all MDA (using standard service metrics) which allows citizens to rate, review & complain about MDA’s.

The Tool consist of Three Major Parts:
1. A Rate/Review Tool
2. CRM (citizen Relationship management) Tool
3. MACS (Monitoring & control system)

#Team Infusion Tech

Members: Abiose Sodiq Olajide, Daniel Nkemelu, Owolabi Oluseyi and Habeeb Kolade

Team Infusion tech brings to you Halefens — An Open data system that tracks transactions and allows for transparency in government revenue mobilization.

#Team I-Service Nigeria

Members: Emmanuel Igbeinkutu, Eseoghene Ben-Iwhiwhu, Solomon Tijani and David Oriola.

Team i-service is creating i-service Nigeria CRM — a web application that provides a service management solution that will allow citizens monitor, provide feedback. Make complaints and blow-a whistle about the quality of service received from some key federal Government MDAs and some strategic entry points.

#Team Code Ninjas

Members: Babajide Apata, Tobechukwu Onuegbu, Akinyemi Akindle and Ayodeji Agboola

Iwhistle is a solution that enables citizens and/or foreigners, report and make complaint about services rendered to them in key MDA’s using Geofencing. Users are prompted via mobile app when they are entering or leaving the vicinity of a MDA to give feedback of their experience.

Using blockchain as DB, the feedback is saved within a blockchain database ensuring reliable and tamper proof data, which will be readily available via a website showing clients and performance/feedback details of each MDA. Iwhistle comes in mobile app and web

#Team cellophane

Members: Folusho Oladipo, Oluwadamisi ikuda, Michael Egwali and Tijesunimi Peters

Cellophane is primarily a rating/review platform that facilitates transparent communication between MDAs and Businesses as well as citizen that interact with MDAs. It enables MDAs receive feedback from users on quality of service and also to update the users on policy (change and processes) making them more accessible. It also empowers SERVICOM, PEBEC and relevant bodies to monitor analyse and address issues affecting service delivery and ease of doing business with MDAs

#Team Coding lab

Members: Ojabo John Heart, Chidiebere Ugwuegbulam, Kudoro ayorinde Abiola and Oti Francis

Team coding lab brings to you Reporta — A mobile app (with webserver) that allow citizens to provide feedback and complaints to the government about the quality of service they received from government agencies while doing business in Nigeria.

Don’t forget that the top 3 teams in the PEBECHack will be rewarded with monetary prizes, a Microsoft’s Bizspark, and a start-up stand at Techplus conference in July, that will avail them the opportunity to meet and interact with potential investors.

  • First prize : ₦1,000, 000
  • Second prize: ₦300,000
  • Third prize: ₦200,000

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