Job Hunting at Venture Out? Here’s 6 tips to bring your A-game.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Some fantastic and growing companies are excited to meet you! Are you ready to impress? Here are our top 6 tips on how to come with your game face on:


This year, we’ve got a roster full of sponsors who are actively recruiting and waiting to hear from you! Take some time to peruse through our sponsor list and learn about the companies that are backing us up. Are there anything that stands out to you? Are there any roles that spark your interest?

During Venture Out, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to have face time, either through our networking event, interactive workshops or the exhibitor fair, so come prepared with a general sense of who’s at the table, and how you see yourself fitting in.


Once you’ve identified a few sponsors, take a few moments BEFORE the conference to add their recruiters on LinkedIn and send them a message! Let them know you’re excited to connect and learn more about their organization. Remember, every organization has dedicated their time to Venture Out for a reason. Ask them which speakers they’re most interested in, or what topics they are hoping to learn more about! A lot of times, these kinds of questions will trickle back to their company values or culture, and it’ll help you get a better sense if you’re aligned.


Dust off your CV, print a couple to have on hand, put a comb through your hair, and dress like it’s interview day (whatever that means for you!). Venture Out has a ton of programming to help you put your best foot forward. LinkedIn is hosting a session to jazz up your profile and snap a few fresh headshots on Thursday evening so that you will be ready for the fair. Later in the afternoon TWG is is putting on a workshop on the do’s and don’ts of technical interviews. You never know who’s eye you’re going to catch.


If you’re new to tech, it might feel like all tech companies are alike. However, a public company like Shopify or Lyft (who have hundreds or thousands of employees) might often hire for roles that are project specific and well-defined. Smaller companies, on the other hand, may have more general roles that sometimes cover multiple functions. Think about what size of company is right for you, and where you can have the most impact. You can start the conversation offering your skills and seeing what fits (For example, you might say “I’m a journalism student who did a lot of organizing on campus — so what I have to offer is the ability to write a lot of content, the ability to manage complex projects, and an interest in telling stories. Do any roles look like that at your company?”). You always have something to bring the table!


Outside of job searching, Venture Out is showcasing all kinds of opportunities for new grads, including coding schools, leadership programs, and volunteer opportunities! Stop by and say hello to our Community Partners during our exhibitor fair to see what kinds of programs are being run! This is a great place to start for new grads who are looking to for a bit more upskilling before diving into the deep end.


Whether you know how to navigate through systems of discrimination, or you know how to code switch or how to interpret the politic gymnastics of flagging, these are soft skills that took time to develop, and they have very real implications to our work, both technical and not. These skills are what makes our communities magic, and it’s also what gets the work done. If you’re a mover or a shaker, in big ways and small, don’t forget to mention it! To paraphrase one of our amazing speakers Kai Scott: being LGBTQA+ is a gift to your team, no matter how it’s expressed. 🌈

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