How I Designed the Landing Page at Ventured.

Blockchain technology used to only belong to either geeks or tech enthusiasts. Not anymore. Ventured is bringing blockchain to the masses by making it more friendly, accessible, and exceptional.

Blockchain deserves a better design. — Andy

Within Ventured, we see any piece of design as part of our company assets and what the community is investing in. We aim to make Ventured beautiful, meaningful and joyful.

Balancing trends, futurism, and our design philosophy is essential to our design decisions.

I break the design process into three essential parts:

Define Visual Principles

My philosophy is to make anything feel familiar but new — familiar enough for people to love it, and new enough to be enjoyable. As a designer, seizing the trends and having my own opinion over projects is important. For this project I generalized ideas from resources including Airbnb Design, iOS design principles, Microsoft Fluent Design…and much more. I will share more about references in a future post. From more than twenty visual principles, I ultimately chose these six visual principles for Ventured: ‘Bold Title,’ ‘long shadow,’ ‘gradient and lighting,’ ‘white space,’ and ‘embracing symbols.’

To build…

Remember! Design principles are just a toolbox and a checklist to speed up visualization process and maintain visual feedback consistency; it should not lead the design thinking process. With that being said, looking at design principles is actually the last step. Instead, design thinking should start with thinking about the story and storyline.

Story is information and only good information deserves beautiful color and graphs’ helps

To build a storyline/plots

Storyline = stories + line. Both story and line matter. All story plots by designed should only serve for the mainstream line.

The story should be as detailed as possible. Take this session in our landing page for example. What’s in the internal back notes is: explain what is Ventured Network, not what is Ventured International Inc, user cared about what product means, Graph needs to show the idea of we are powered by Ethereum, which is total truth, and it’s important since Ethereum has pretty active developer community and the most thriving ideas; next, we are the layer under the hood of gig economy on blockchain; lastly, show the generation or work = gig + ventured Network + Ethereum.

To build elements and prepare relevant content

Next, starts to build many many many elements and give different users and teammates different version of designs, the infinite loop of feedback, improving, exporting… lead to around five days or months. For the landing page, I at least build over 100 elements and seven different versions until we make three users and all teammates relatively like it.

Format assets and apply design principles

Before delivering to the developer to code on, every element was built in details, and I kept asking myself, why, can we make it better by Saturday? How do you think? Do you like An or B? As I kept saying, we see any piece of design as a part of our company assets and what the community invest. Investing design is necessary and a smart decision.

The overview of our landing page design process

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