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“Article Writing is Dead!”

I just want to roll my eyes every time I hear, “Article writing is so 10 years ago.”

Seriously, people? Get a clue. A well-written, strategic article can be a long-term money-maker.

how i rank #1 in just 5 hours with linkedin articles

Let me give you the real deal. I’ve been writing and ranking articles since 2009. Sure, I’ve had a few duds, but I’ve also got hits that have been generating income for FIFTEEN years.

Think about that — those articles keep working their magic long after I’ve moved on to other projects.

Articles as Your Tiny Income Machines

Think of each article as a little income engine just chugging along in the background. Or hey, maybe think of them as mini digital employees — they never get grumpy, take unauthorized breaks or start drama with their coworkers.

I crank out articles all the time — for myself and my clients. Here’s the method that gets them ranked in just 5 hours like my article on SaaS topical authority:

  • The Magic Starts With a Keyword (But Not Just Any Keyword!) My secret is zeroing in on the gaps in your competitor’s topical authority (more on that below!).
  • One-Up The Competition. You gotta be better than the folks at the top of Google’s search results. AI tools can help you scrape the best bits from the top-ranking pages so you can assemble your own super-article.
  • Make Friends with the Algorithm (and Actual Humans) Search engines are powered by AI — those complex algorithms are always changing. The key? TOPICAL AUTHORITY. Write in a way humans can understand — get to the point and answer their questions.
  • The Power of the Outbound Link. Use links that point to a specific section within another high-authority website. It’s a sweet strategy I use all the time.
  • Self-Promotion Time! Write on tons of platforms, then link your articles back and forth across relevant topics. It’s like your own content web.

The Proof is in the Featured Snippet

Oh, and that article I mentioned earlier? I used this exact strategy. Ranked it at #1, snagged that awesome Google Featured Snippet, all in under five hours.

Want to see how I pull this off 75% of the time? Join my growing beehiiv community of readers who want to build their own authority empires.

Still Doubting SEO? Here’s the Clincher

That ONE article got me five inbound leads on LinkedIn in under 24 hours, two media contacts interested in featuring me AND boosted my overall authority. Think that’s a fluke? Try my strategy and see for yourself.

I’m Shannon G Hansen and I’m building a 7 figure digital real estate portfolio. I started a productized agency to help SaaS companies rank in organic search. Follow me for more on turning your service into a product and building an authority asset empire from your experience.



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