Secret Habits To Be A Successful Writer

7 habits to overcome writer’s block!

Gaurav Sharma
1 min readApr 3, 2024


Facing a blank screen with a blinking cursor can be daunting for any writer, often leading to dreaded writer’s block.

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At times, ideas seem to elude us, while other times, articulating a great idea becomes a struggle.

This frustration can disrupt our consistency and leave us trapped in the darkness of writer’s block.

Ready to break free and become a captivating writer? Here’s how:

Discover 7 powerful habits that have proven effective in my journey as a writer:

  1. Hand-Copying:
    Replicating excellent writing by hand helps internalize effective techniques.
  2. Walking:
    Regular walks enhance creativity and focus, boosting productivity during writing sessions.
  3. Reading Aloud:
    Vocalizing well-written material improves writing skills and sparks creativity.
  4. Journaling:
    Daily journaling fosters consistency and aids in overcoming writer’s block.
  5. Meditation:
    Just 10 minutes of daily meditation reduces stress, enhances concentration, and stimulates creativity.
  6. Watching TV:
    Analyzing movies and TV shows teaches valuable storytelling and dialogue skills.
  7. Doing Nothing:
    Allowing the mind to rest and wander generates brilliant ideas.

These habits have transformed my writing journey, and I’m confident they can do the same for you.



Gaurav Sharma

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