It Is All About the Timing! The Revival of Failed Concepts…

Jeffery Hansen
Feb 27, 2019 · 3 min read

It is starting to feel like we are seeing it over and over again. The Personal Digital Assistant, or more commonly known as PDA(even with cellular functionality), came out years before an iPhone. While many Japanese automobile manufacturers produced electric vehicles before Tesla came into play. Timing these days seem to be even more crucial in a rapidly changing environment, hitting the market little too early could spell disaster or hitting the market too late could mean you’re the laggard business in the market.

Source: Mircosoft, HoloLens 2 offers new ways for surgeons to plan operations

Although a number of other factors did play a part in the success or failure of these innovations, the timing did play a large part and it can be possible to foresee it. So what does timing mean? What it really means is, are the important success factors for your new business opportunity in place and ready for it.

For example, is your market already signaling adoption of your offering? are regulatory institutions prepared to address your offering?

… So what is next to for a revival?…

An interesting case is AR glasses, although one of Google’s huge flops (released 5 years ago), they had good reason to believe that this was a potential future. They did lack seeing how ugly they looked and failed to realize potential concerns that people have with privacy, among other things.

The rise of augmented reality, with growing support systems like releases of developer ARKits and technological development in laser-based displays can lead to a revival of these AR Smartglasses products.

Focals by North, seem to be making a good impression, although the price is still a deterrence with essentially expecting to pay around $600-$1000, and the technology still has some way to go to reach the same future Google had originally envisioned. Microsoft’s new release of Hololens 2, and Magic Leap are said to be working on their next model suggests there is a significant interest in this area. The ecosystem will definitely push the AR glasses forward, so this is an emerging industry to watch out for in the coming years.

What other products/services do you see today, that are actually too soon?

Are there any other revivals going to happen within the next 3 years?

Comments or thoughts…

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A pragmatic view on our future.


A pragmatic view on our future. Fueled by imagination, grounded in reality.

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A pragmatic view on our future. Fueled by imagination, grounded in reality.