Birthday Party Spotlight- Paula Deen’s Little Chef Birthday Party

What it’s like to experience a fun-filled day of cooking, laughter, and celebration at Paula Deen’s Kitchen! 🎉

I couldn’t have been more excited when I was able to announce that my company Venues N More was partnering with Paula Deen! If you follow me on social, you surely noticed!

Remember when I tweeted about meeting Paula Deen? 😄

In addition to meeting Paula, her team, and the team at their Fairview location, I was super excited to have them add their birthday party packages to Venues N More. In order to fully understand their offering though, I booked a party for my own kids and got to experience it first hand.

The Cooking Demo (Yes, It’s Entertaining!)

This hands-on cooking activity was fun for all!

My triplets were beyond excited to hear that we were going to be spending our Saturday having a party at Paula Deen’s Kitchen at the Fairview Complex. Once we arrived at the location though, I think we were all even more excited as we all gathered in the Kitchen area and the kids (about 11) put on their little chef’s hats, aprons, and eagerly sat as a group at the counter. The chef began cooking and the menu for the party was pumpkin pie. I have to say, I’ve never seen my kids and their friends get so excited when I’ve cooked this at home in the past! This was probably due to the fact that the chef made it entertaining, interactive, and fun! The pumpkin pie was even a hit with the adults!

Lunch Break

After a fun-filled time cooking, a lunch was served for our group of little chefs. We all shared grilled cheese, chicken strips, and fries while still in the kitchen and playing the part of little chefs, servers, and then quickly finishing our lunch faster then we could serve it! The adults in the group were fed too; we enjoyed the kid’s meal items! The food quality was amazing (as you would expect from a Paula Deen Restaurant).

The Full Kitchen Experience

Following our lunch , we all got to see the real magic and tour the full kitchen of the restaurant. This was by far one of the most fun parts of the party, since all the little chefs were dressed the part, got to see the restaurant chefs in action, and even lend a helping hand with preparing (or acting like they were) real meals!

As we finished our kitchen tour and got to experience what being in a real kitchen as a little chef was like, it was time to put the icing on the cake for the end of the party. We all joined in this, then cut the cake and celebrated the end of a fun-filled day in Paula Deen’s kitchen as little chefs!

My kids and friends with Chef Mary.

Want to learn more about Paula Deen’s Little Chef birthday party package and book it? Visit it on Venues N More here!

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