Building & Launching A Marketplace For Birthday Parties! 🎉

Laura AlOtaibi
Oct 10, 2018 · 4 min read

From facing a personal problem, to business idea, and now a live marketplace that’s helping others book venues and parties for celebrating memorable moments!

Leaving a career as a teacher for 10 years was never something that I had anticipated or planned for. I went from being a full-time teacher to an entrepreneur mom of triplets, which was a big life transition! I had total conviction doing so though and it was the push I needed to begin my journey starting (and being a solo founder) of what is now Venues N More.

The Personal Problem & Need

Being a mom of triplets, I’ve spent countless hours every month planning parties for not only my own kids, but also other moms of others. Being an active mom in mom groups and social circles, I quickly noticed that we all shared the same challenges when it came to planning parties and celebrating the special days of our kids. Researching and finding ideal venues, planning all the necessary details of the party, and doing so without letting this consume all of your time was a huge challenge. I myself (and other moms) soon found ourselves stressed with something that should have been not only fun, but also easy and less consuming.

The Big Idea

Venues N More flyers we made and posted to generate initial interest and validate our idea!

After realizing the challenges of and problems that myself and the other moms faced when it came to planning parties, I began to discuss this with my husband. He was used to me frequently mentioning business ideas (which were usually quickly dismissed), but when I brought up the possibility of creating a better way to book parties, he was stopped and I had his attention.

After we both spent countless hours discussing the challenges faced and possible ways it could be improved, it was loud and clear to me that there had to be a better way to book parties and I was the one that is best suited to do it!

The Venues N More Solution

Venues N More is a trusted marketplace for booking party venues, experience, and more. We spoke directly with venues and knew that they needed a better way to market their business to consumers, communicate directly with them, and reduce the need for deposits, no-shows, and instead accept payments online. With this supply-side validation and feedback, we made a way for venues and party services providers can easily create a listing offering their venue, birthday packages, or services on our marketplace in minutes.

Consumers can discover trusted venues, find turnkey birthday party packages, and more on our marketplace. Not only have we build a trusted way for people to find the right venue, but also easily message them, request special needs, scheduling, and more, but also pay and receive a confirmation in minutes. Our marketplace solution is a new and improved way for people (and moms specifically!) to book parties and trust Venues N More for a memorable celebration with family and friends!

Venues N More Today

We’ve moved quickly and are already live! Since we first made our marketplace live almost two weeks ago, we’ve had nearly 30 Dallas-based venues create a listing on our site. Our initial listings range from boutique event venues, to birthday halls, and even food trucks that specialize in party catering!

We’re live and have our first booking!

Not only have we quickly added some of Dallas’s most popular venues, but we also have had our first booking!

We’re super excited to share our story, our journey, and what we’re also learning along the way. You can follow-us here on Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates and more!

We appreciate all the support and helping spread the word about Venues N More! 🙏

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