Our First Published Venue Report!

Since we first launched Venues N More, we’ve quickly become the go-to marketplace for booking birthday parties and venues. People are starting to notice and we’ve also been covered in various media outlets, newspapers, and even a segment on the Dallas news (here)!

A snapshot of our mention in the local news (full article here)!

One of the most common questions that we receive is asking about the various local venues in the Dallas area. We’re a local company and our primary market is here in Dallas, so we are creating our first Venues N More Venue Report where we’ll showcase a few popular local birthday party and venue options. All of these birthday parties and venues are also part of our first 50+ listings on our site at www.venuesnmore.com.

Our Curated Picks:

1. Reunion Tower Birthday Package

Celebrate at one of the most iconic Dallas landmarks and now venues available!

What’s more unique than celebrating your birthday, with your friends, 500 feet up in the air? This party package includes reserve dining for one hour, a souvenir picture, and access to the GeO-deck (we promise it’s amazing!).

Price: Venues N More ranks this party as moderately priced.

Book Reunion Tower’s birthday party package directly though Venues N More here!

2. Paula Deen’s Little Chefs Birthday Party

If your kids love to cook or eat, bring them down to party at Paula’s, y’all!

This party is perfect for a smaller gathering of 12 kids (recommended). The chef starts the party off with engages kids with a shared cooking experience. The students are then treated to a VIP tour of the restaurant followed by a scrumptious meal. Ya’ll have to try this party!

Read more about this party in our previous full article review here.

Price: Venues N More ranks this party as moderately priced.

Book Paula Deen’s Little Chef party directly on Venues N More here!

3. Emler Swim Party

This party is sure to make waves!

Host your party at one of many Emler Swim School locations! Party with up to 30 guests with the assurance and peace of mind with two life guards on duty. This two hour party is sure to make a big splash! Emler also offers a discount for current students through Venues N More.

Price: Venues N More ranks this party as moderately priced.

Book Emler Swim directly on Venues N More here!

We hope you’ve found our first Venues N More venues report helpful and be sure to visit Venues N More to check out our other 50+ listing in Dallas and the nearby areas!