Venues N More Venue Report — Holiday Party Edition 2019

Laura AlOtaibi
Sep 30, 2019 · 2 min read

Holiday party planning is in full swing! The staff at Venues N More (.com) has curated a list of venues perfect for your office party.

The following top picks have bookable party packages on Venues N More (.com). To find out more about these local businesses, visit:

Let us know what you think of our top picks for holiday parties!

Option 1: Rent out an entire restaurant in Downtown McKinney for less than you think!

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Rent out this coffee shop, Layered, turned event space at night. Available to book, only on Venues N More!

Layered, in Downtown Mckinney, is available for rentals after 4 p.m. It’s central location and space make the venue well sought after. With seating up to 65, it is perfect for small holiday parties. See more details on:Venues N More.

Option 2: Reserve a room at this local wine bar.

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Book this wine room at Destination Wine Bar on Venues N More.

Destination Wine Bar is perfect for a small holiday party. With selections of over 350 wine bottles, there is a wine for everyone! You can find out more information on this party package at Venues N More.

Option 3: The Dinosaur Company, housed in Allen, Texas, has space to host a one of a kind Holiday Party! This location is perfect for mid size to larger groups. With 2,900 feet for entertaining, plus a facility tour, this venue is one of a kind!

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Venue rental for The Dinosaur Company includes an optional behind the scenes tour of the facility.

Find out more about this awesome party package here!

Bonus Recommendations:

Don’t forget the smallest attendees of your next holiday party, children. Black-Tie Babysitting offers a variety of packages to entertain the little ones. See more about their offering on Venues N More.

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A party package offered by Black-Tie Babysitting makes sure even the smallest guests of the party are taken care of! Visit Venues N More to find out more info.

Let us know what you think of our top picks for a holiday party! Visit: to see all of the offerings.

Venues N More

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