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Announcing the Veramo Bounty Program Round 0

We are happy to announce an experimental Bounty program to encourage and reward those helping to improve the Veramo framework for Decentralized Identities and Verifiable credentials.

Starting today, anyone can participate in these bounties, up till the 16th of January 2023 (Round 0).

This is our first round of bounties and should be considered an experimental round. At the end of this round, we will evaluate its progress and outcome which will be used to inform future (hopefully much larger) rounds!

We strongly believe close partnerships with researchers and developers will make Veramo stronger, and more reliable as they play an integral role in the ecosystem by discovering and fixing issues that were overlooked during the internal development process.

Scope & Rewards

There are 3 issues that you can work on:

  1. Add did:pkh support ▶️ with an offer of $400 (
  2. Add did:3 support ▶️ with an offer of $800 (
  3. Add Support for DIDCommv2 Mediation ▶️ with an offer of $1,600 (

[Find the full description for each of these issues in the attached links]

There will also be an opportunity for our community members to get rewarded for creating GitHub issues during this round. These can include detailed bug reports OR feature requests. The Veramo team will vote on the top 5 (based on importance and how well the issue is defined) and the author of each of these 5 issues will receive $100 each.

Who can participate?

  • We welcome the Veramo community members as well as the general public to contribute to this bounty round. You’ll need to know about blockchain and decentralized identity.
  • Past & current employees and contractors of the Consensys Mesh R&D identity team may participate in the program for a contributor verifiable credential but will not receive monetary rewards.

How do you get paid?

Winners and contributors will receive remuneration at the end of the bounty period by successfully completing bounties. Payments will be made in DAI (A stable coin kept close to one United States Dollar (USD).

Get started

Just as some organizations support open source by hiring developers, paying for this bounty is also our way of supporting developers in the identity space. If you need help getting started, check out these resources to learn more ▶️

If you need help, you should join our community on discord: Join Veramo Community

Let the hack begin!



Veramo is a flexible and modular JavaScript framework for verifiable data.

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