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Our First Community Call Summary

The Veramo community is constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of our community, large and small. Even though we think we do a great job of sharing information via our Discord Server, we can always do better. Hence, the idea for our first town hall-like event was born.

Our first call was on Zoom (which was quite experimental. We’d be deciding whether to continue subsequent calls on there. What do you think?)

For 45 minutes, we chatted about the veramo project, shared our roadmap, and features, and of course, highlighted some of the important things to note about the next release. Afterwhich, we rounded off the call, with about 15 minutes Q/A from the community members in attendance.

We fielded questions using Google Forms up to two weeks in advance and answered all the questions during the call. We feel the actual event went very well.

We would like to say an exceptional THANK YOU to everyone who joined our first community call. This first call was both necessary and expedient for the community, as it served as a channel to sit with the community for the first time, have your questions answered, and of course, share what is being worked on by the community per time.

Here’s the link to the recorded version of the call, for those who couldn’t make it, or perhaps you simply want to revisit some parts of the call.

You can find the slides here.

As mentioned during the call, we intend to make this call a monthly thing, and it would be so great to have more members of our community join.


In closing, we desire to see more specific use cases on how Veramo enable our community to build applications that their friends and customers enjoy.

We have many things in the works to help us answer questions, showcase products built by the community, and provided needed education around the project and we can’t wait to roll them out. Add the Veramo Community Calendar to your calendar to always get notified about upcoming events.

Thank you all for believing in Veramo, community, and vision. With your help, we hope to make decentralized identity projects succeed today and every day after that.



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