One Week To Go — Don’t Miss Out!

At Verasity things are moving quickly! Our total community is now over 250,000 strong across Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The world is ready for an online video revolution and Verasity is going to make it happen.

Verasity’s Token Sale is almost upon us. It starts in one week (on 21st May 2018) and our whitelist is growing fast!

Over 6,000 participants have pledged $15M+ worth of investment in the Verasity Token Sale to date.

This is a serious milestone and real validation for the project, and the established team behind it. Having such a warm response from institutional and accredited investors, before the Token Sale is even live, shows that enthusiasts and investors alike can see how disruptive Verasity is going to be.

It was also just a couple of weeks ago that we changed our Token Sale after the overwhelmingly positive response from our community.

1) We reduced the minimum purchase to 10,000 VRA (about $100 USD).

  • We lowered the minimum purchase amount so that more people can purchase VERA. All purchases must be made in either BTC or ETH.

2) The Public Sale price starts at $0.0075 (USD) per token and increases by 1% each day.

  • People who purchase VERA at the start of the Token Sale get the best price. Simple.

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