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Verasity Integrates with IVideoSmart, a Large Asian Video Platform

In January 2020, Verasity announced its partnership with iVideosmart (IVS), a leading B2B online video platform in South East Asia who serve over 120 million users across over 1.1 billion pages each month. IVS provides a complete online video player and monetization platform to major publishers across SouthEast Asia, including the likes of Kompas, Brillio and GMA.

Since then, and in only two months, Verasity integrated its ad stack technology into the iVideoSmart platform, with the Beta shown here and here.

Ads will now serve via the Verasity ad stack. For now, ads on IVS are for the Asian market only (no ads shown outside of Asia). Revenue derived from the ad stack will be utilized to buy back VRA & VRAB randomly on exchanges.

Existing publishers in Verasity’s network, requiring a full-stack video player with integrated Verasity rewards, will also be able to benefit from utilizing the IVS player technology.

About iVideoSmart

iVideoSmart provides a video-in-a-box solution leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enable better video recommendation, delivery and monetization. The company has deployed its solutions in 6 markets including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Major online media like Kompas, Brillio, GMA and Sinchew use iVideoSmart widgets to increase their user engagement and video inventory. iVideoSmart is one of the companies accredited by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in 2017 under its Accreditation@SG Digital programme, in recognition of its innovative product.

About Verasity

If you are a video publisher and want to grow your audience and revenue by 500%, click the link below to talk to the team:

Verasity is a leading company providing rewarded video player technology to major publishers and game developers across the globe. The patent-pending video player enables tokenized rewards (VRA) as well as loyalty schemes within a video player wallet. The unique technology is already available by SDK to most of the major video players that support over 2 million video publishers and brings engagement and revenues back to publishers’ sites. Our SDK products integrate directly with publishers so that neither publishers nor users have to change their workflow or habits.

Verasity’s attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video & game publishers and advertisers. Verasity is the future of online video.

Verasity products launched include: VeraWallet, Triviata gaming app; SDKs for the following video players on publishers’ sites: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, iVideoSmart, Kaltura, VideoJS, Flowplayer, and Ooyala which represents over 95% of all the video players utilized and Proof of View (PoV) TBA.

Verasity has announced partnerships with hundreds of gaming publishers to be launched on a new gaming portal. Gamers will utilize VRA through watching ads, subscriptions, cost to play, competing and betting against other VRA holders as well as Brand store vouchers. Publishers purchase VRA at exchanges to fund their campaigns.

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