VRA Sale Progress and Next Steps

As we all know, the cryptocurrency market has been very unstable with exceptional volatility. Bitcoin swings between $11,500 to $6,300 and Ether between $750 down to $197 — bear market territory.

Focusing all our efforts on raising during such a volatile time would have been irresponsible, so for the sake of good business practice, we decided to wait until a more suitable time to close out our sale. After hitting the soft cap in June we focused on the development and building great technology.

We wanted our first video player product in the market and used by the crypto ecosystem. We released GenesisPlayer and already have about 100k users, 400k social media fans, partnerships with media publishers, 20 exchanges and ICO’s. Hundreds more want to utilize the Player for marketing and building engagement!

With the markets now more settled, we’re excited to announce that the Verasity Sale will be opening on November 20th, 2018. We will be accepting payments in ETH and BTC and the sale will be accessible on verasity.io.

What you need to know:

  1. We have sold 3,293,827,651 VRA tokens to date
  2. On November 20th 2018, we will open the public sale of VRA at https://verasity.io.
  3. You will be able to purchase VRA at a price of $0.015
  4. The sale will run until 28th January 2019

The average paid price for the tokens during the lightning sale was $0.0256 per VRA. We are pleased to say that after considering data from the public VRA sales and discussions with advisors and exchanges, we have agreed to target an exchange listing price of $0.015.

Over the next 3 months the team will be working hard on the following initiatives:

  • Events, marketing, and communications to promote the token sale
  • Development of Veraplayer and release of Verasity.com
  • Improvements, partnerships and further adoption of Genesisplayer.com
  • We will list on exchanges from 30th January 2019

During tough crypto market conditions, this is the best time to focus on building great technology. The Verasity team is as confident as ever that the Internet Economy needs new incentives and that our Token, VRA, will lead the way for transactions within video publishing in the future.

Thanks for all your continued support.

The Verasity team

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