VoiceTech in the world of 5G

Mar 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Speed and is what it’s all about for today’s users. Remember the creepy sound of dial-up internet? That was the sound of patience! That’s over now. Today, whether you are downloading a playlist on Spotify, waiting in line at the supermarket or calling your bank for assistance, the speed of the transaction plays a big role in the overall experience.

Last week at MWC, we partnered with Intel and had the opportunity to showcase our conversational speech and cognitive services within Intel’s end2end architecture. We benchmarked our AI-based Cognitive Platform performance — it was 5G versus the Cloud….and the results are amazing!

Demo Intel — Verbio Technologies

The drastic reduction in latency is clear. Leveraging Intel’s Edge capabilities in 5G as part of a cognitive strategy provides superior performance and user experience.

You can watch the full demo here: bit.ly/2SQgL06

Demo Intel — Verbio Technologies in Retail and Automotive Industries

There is great potential for all sectors including Retail, where Smart Advisors are helping consumers find what they need quickly, and Automotive, where connected vehicles are listening and responding to interactions in real-time.

In summary, companies should seriously consider the impact of speed on customer success and revenue.


Conversational and Cognitive AI for make people’s lives…


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Shortening the connection between humans and machines.


Conversational and Cognitive AI for make people’s lives easier.

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