Help our planet survive by crafting one intelligent sensor at a time.

Verdigris is creating an environment that is more responsive, efficient, and sustainable. And we need your help.


The Context: Why did Fast Company name us 1 of 10 most innovative companies in energy in 2017?

Verdigris is working to ensure the health of our buildings and planet. Buildings consume 70% of our world’s growing energy needs yet half of that is wasted. Little has changed over the last century to remedy this. In the U.S. alone, commercial and residential buildings are responsible for 40% of total energy use. Electricity contributed to 61% of that total in commercial buildings. To combat climate change and prevent temperature levels from rising 2 degrees celsius, we need to cut global emissions by 40–70%. With buildings contributing to 15–20% of greenhouse carbon emissions today globally, the implications for optimizing buildings processes is clear. Using less energy is a much faster, cheaper method to cut our energy use than replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

What do we do to help?

The fight against climate change is encountering massive barriers. We are facing the increasing production of energy-consuming devices with ever-stricter standards for efficiency, comfort, and safety. With Verdigris, commercial building managers can better achieve these goals. They see exactly how their buildings consume energy — from huge HVAC systems down to smartphones and space heaters — all in real time. Our patented sensors employ artificial intelligence to instantly alert teams to anomalies. This enables them to react to prevent failure of critical equipment. We also use historical consumption patterns to deliver powerful recommendations. Our insights pinpoint ways to boost efficiency and safety, while reducing costs. The result is tremendous savings. We’ve seen up to 40% of our customers’ energy spend reduced and a 8–22% monthly reduction in energy bills. We see even more savings from preventing equipment and operational loss.

How does Verdigris get detailed building information?

Our patented lightweight magnetic IoT sensor listens to high-frequency electrical signals. An artificial neural network is trained to separate these unique patterns. We learn to recognize these patterns as individual equipment producing a synthetic “virtual” sensor on every electrical device. As a result we deliver an extremely lightweight, automated, and more intelligent dataset. We are Space Age IoT Technology for energy management and fault prediction.

Verdigris Einstein System

Who is empowered by our insights?

Verdigris is currently targeting the commercial and industrial sectors. However, we envision one day being in every home. Our competitive list of customers includes Honeywell, Autodesk, Jabil, Hyatt & Starwood hotels. Our systems are deployed in over 7 countries and we are facing a massive increase in demand. We are in urgent need of bright, curious and team-oriented folks to join our team and help us as we scale.

Who are we seeking? You will flourish at Verdigris if:

  • You are excited to impact the world through responsive energy intelligence. Here, you will help us disrupt the IoT energy disrupt the IoT energy industry and innovate solutions to novel problems.
  • You desire to wake up every day confident that your work contributes to a meaningful purpose. Here, you will combat climate change.
  • You like solving exciting and complex problems. Here, you will help develop ambient intelligence while working in cross-functional roles.
  • You seek to learn within an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Here, we will ask for your input and honor your unique insights.
  • You have every felt blocked at solving a problem because it was under someone else’s job description. Here, you will feel empowered to address problems right when they arise.
  • Micro-management is your enemy and self-organizing sounds emboldening. Here, you will encounter opportunities to rise to the occasion.
  • You get bored easily and want to continuously learn about yourself, the world, and your peers. Here we appreciate the courage that feedback seeking and receiving entails.
  • You cultivate meaningful bonds with your colleagues. Here, we take time for lunch and exchange quirky memes. We become workout buddies, teach each-other to make empanadas, and bike to work. You can expect thoughtful, funny, & hardworking teammates.
  • You enjoy spending time in nature as you like saving it. Here, you will find a group of runners, rock climbers, campers, and bocce-ball players.

How do Verdigrisians like to work?

  • We value open collaboration, cross-functionality, and growth-mindsets.
  • As joint problem-solvers we pair on every meaningful task. From writing new software and publishing blogs to strategizing how to approach new customers.
  • We believe in setting aside routine time for reflection to improve how we do things.
  • We value agility, teamwork, and autonomy over rigid, hierarchical structures.
  • We practice several processes and tools for their efficiency. These include Standups, Demodays, Pairing Hours, Scrum, OKRs, Slack, and Pivotal Tracker.

What is the team like?

Verdigris is a Stanford funded startup based out of beautiful Nasa Ames. Verdigrisians aim to be ego-free experts in engineering, product design, and business. We provide broad opportunities and support curious minds. We ask for help, exchange feedback, share our knowledge generously, and approach one another with empathy. Kaizen enables us to be curious and bold experimenters. We constantly iterate new solutions to problems, while validating our assumptions. We thrive in a start-up environment, embracing ambiguity, relishing in change, and practicing cross-functional skills.

We are building a creative, inclusive community where we strive to ensure all voices are heard, validated, and honored. As an equal opportunity employer, we highly value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, origin, gender, orientation, age, or status

If this sounds compelling, we would love to meet you!

Learn more about our opportunities:

  • Full Stack Engineers (2)- Insights & Data teams

As a full stack engineer at Verdigris, you are a team minded software expert. You will refine our tech stack and impact our portfolio of mission-critical commercial buildings. Your primary responsibility is to help our teams and customers obtain reliable data and meaningful insights. Learn more

  • Embedded Engineers (2)-Data team

Embedded design is our eyes and ears. We enhance the way our customers use electrical resources within buildings. The delivery of energy intelligence relies on knowing what’s happening in a building. At Verdigris, you will explore rich energy datasets through our advanced IoT connected sensors. Learn more!

  • Solutions Architects (2)- Growth team

As a Solution Architect at Verdigris, you’re part sales, part implementation engineer. You will be nurturing customer prospects, coordinating installations, and verifying equipment commissioning to deliver a seamless, scalable customer experience. Project managers, data scientists, and industrial and mechanical engineers we want you! Learn more!

We are growing fast! Keep your eyes peeled for our anticipated positions:

  • Customer Success Lead
  • Data Scientist/Marketing Technologist
  • Business Operations Engineer

If you’re up for achieving aspirational sustainability targets with us, send your resume or CV to or apply here. We would love to hear why our mission excites you.

If you want to learn more, we welcome your curiosity!


Your (potential) Verdigrisians