Verdigris 2018 Retrospective: Our Top Highlights and Biggest Wins

Matt Eversman
Feb 12 · 7 min read
Verdigris artificial intelligence “learning”.

Company Updates



A Verdigris customer uses Analytics to set a Tracker alert.

Energy Savings

Verdigris…allowed us to identify issues that we would not have otherwise been able to catch.

-Jim Hussey, CEO, Marina Mechanical

Critical Systems & Process Equipment

For the first time in the history of our company I can tell you what percentage of our energy budget is taken by a particular circuit. I would hate to think what it would cost to use traditional metering for each of these devices. Even if you spent a million on traditional metering, you wouldn’t get this detail.

-Global Lead, Critical Environments, Fortune 500 Manufacturing

Battery Optimization

Occupancy, Employee Comfort, and Productivity

Product Updates

Verdigris Disaggregation in action!

Intelligent Alerts

Improved Weekly Reports

Panel Deduplication

Admin Console


New Ethernet Option

Improved Verdigris App

Measurement & Verification (M&V) Dashboard

And much more in 2019!

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