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Verdigris raises additional $5M to support growth and expansion

At Verdigris, we believe it is very difficult and expensive to get highly granular energy data at the building level all the way down to the equipment level in real time. We believe this data is crucial to producing more valuable insights about how to operate buildings efficiently and meet evolving compliance requirements for energy consumption.

In the past year, we’ve invested in developing product capabilities to help commercial and industrial customers make informed decisions that improve their bottom line and meet sustainability goals. We produced a new highly configurable analytics dashboard. Within hours of a request, our teams can now develop custom views to meet our customers’ needs. Today, users can view their peak demand history, energy consumption, power quality and energy intensity for all of their buildings. Portfolio Views enable customers to manage and compare entire portfolio of properties all from one place.

Additionally, we released a new API to make our data streams simpler and easier to access for enterprise customers who need the flexibility to customize or need to integrate with an existing technology stack. We proudly built and launched energy forecasting and device disaggregation products — products that no other energy meter in the market today makes for commercial customers.

Unlike other solutions that are hard to integrate and expensive to maintain, Verdigris sensors install non-intrusively and communicate over secure 4G networks, minimizing IT infrastructure and reducing field maintenance costs. It takes less than two hours for a trained electrician to install on a panel. Setup and commissioning takes under 20 minutes instead of days or weeks.

These are just some of the reasons we now count several new Fortune 500 companies as Verdigris customers. Check out some of our recent success stories from 2017:

Jabil identifies 50% energy savings
Nvidia partners with Verdigris

This is also why we’re excited to announce today that we’ve raised an additional $5M from Verizon Ventures and Jabil to accelerate our mission. We will use these funds to complete Verdigris’ move to high-volume manufacturing facilities to shorten fulfillment times and meet customer demand. We also plan to invest in accelerating our product roadmap to build out new capabilities that help customers do their jobs more effectively.

We look forward to sharing our progress and putting more actionable insights in front of building operators and digging in with you to learn more about your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help you meet your energy goals in 2018.

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