Episode 20 — Building a culture of engagement and trust, with Re:Form Shreveport

Jordan Clark
Jan 30, 2019 · 1 min read
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Happy New Year! It’s a record-breaking episode, as we had on all four co-founders of Re:Form Shreveport, a grassroots organization whose aim is to “create a stronger and more resilient Shreveport by growing a culture of engagement and trust between citizens, businesses, and government.”

In this episode, Jordan speaks with Tim Wright, Levette Fuller, Luke Lee, and Chris Lyon. We discuss how they are building a more trusting relationship between the people of Shreveport and City staff and officials, why and how to avoid a “criticize-first” mentality, lessons for city governments on embracing neighborhood-led change (or co-creation) instead of top-down planning, the role of local business, and MUCH more.

If you’re a city leader or just a neighbor looking for some inspiration to take action heading into 2019, this chat is a great place to start!

Find more about this and other episodes, and our blog here.

Pictured above, from left to right: Luke, Levette, Natalie (not in the podcast but still a lovely individual), Chris, and Tim.

(Music in this episode is from Custodian of Records and Tours.)

Originally published at www.verdunity.com.

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