[PODCAST] Let’s chat: Do apartments require more police?

Jordan Clark
Jan 30, 2019 · 2 min read
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We hear this a lot: Apartments bring higher crime, which means more police, which means higher police costs. But is it really the case that high density brings higher crime? Felix Landry recently wrote a post for our blog answering this question by digging into some of the data. In this shorter episode,* Felix joins podcast host Jordan Clark to talk about why people make this argument, what the data indicates is really the case, and some of the implications for other service areas not tied to police. We’ve heard from a number of you at cities who are wondering just how to consider service costs when thinking about different development styles. This conversation is a great starting point!

* From time to time we’ll post shorter episodes under the heading “Let’s chat,” when something in particular is on our mind that week, or if we want to briefly discuss a blog post we’ve written. We put these up in addition to our regularly scheduled podcast episodes.

The Go Cultivate! podcast is a project of Verdunity, which aims to help cities address growing service & infrastructure needs with increasingly limited resources. Find out more at verdunity.com.

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Go Cultivate!

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