How to use Verge Tor Android Wallet?”

“How to” series

In the first episode of the “How to” series we start with Verge Tordroid
. It was recently released on the Play Store and has been
very well received by the community, scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What is Verge Tordroid Wallet?

Tordroid wallet is the first of its kind in the crypto space mobile wallet, operating exclusively on the Tor Network. To ensure anonymity at all times, the wallet simply has no built-in ability to connect to or broadcast user information over the Clearnet.

In addition, transactions are completed via Simple Payment Verification (SPV), allowing for nearly instant payment confirmations.

Finally, it includes cool and useful features, such as seed-phrase recovery and fingerprint/pincode app lock. Below you can find a short step-by-step user manual, accompanied by screenshots for your convenience! 😉

Step-by-step User Manual

Download the app and set up your wallet

When opening the Tordroid app for the first time, click ”create new wallet”.
You will receive a uniquely generated recovery phrase that is used to generate
the keys for your wallet. Write it down and keep it in a secure place.
This phrase is used to recover your wallet, in case you lose/break your device.

Oh no! Now you know the recovery phrase from my wallet with 100 mln $XVG on it 😫 Well, I better not disclose it next time then…

Set passwords

Security first! You can optionally create a password for convenient day-to-day use of your wallet (strongly recommended). You may additionally add an extra level of security to your wallet by requiring to enter a pincode/fingerprint to unlock the app.

After you are done with the initial set up, you will see the following screen saying “no connection”. Don’t freak out! 😊

Remember the “anonymity at all times” part? That’s what I was talking about: Tordroid will not connect over the Clearnet. You have to go Tor and here’s how.

Download & turn on the Orbot App

To have the Verge Tordroid wallet make a connection, the Orbot app should also be downloaded from Play Store.

Open the app, click the top left corner to see the settings, turn on “Apps VPN Mode”. In the pop-up window click on the left icon on the bottom of the screen to use VPN for all apps and confirm your VPN activation choice when prompted. Here is what you should get:

Go back to the main screen and press “Start”. Once connected to the Tor network, you will see a note below the onion. You may spin the onion to switch VPN identity or just leave it and Orbot will switch about every ten minutes.

Use your Tordroid

Now the Tor VPN is set up and running we are ready to open the Tordroid app. Your balance and recent transactions will be displayed on the main screen.

Swipe left to switch to the “send” tab. You can scan QR codes or type in the recipient’s address.

Swipe right to get to the “receive” tab. It displays your current receiving address & QR code. Click on the share icon to share your address.

Tordroid Settings

Click on the setting tab from the top right selection icon to get this screen.

Here you can:

  • check transaction fees
  • see your recovery phrase if you lost it, which might require entering the password that you earlier set up
  • recover an old account by typing in the seed phrase
  • choose the App lock method

Notice that your account will generate a new address for every transaction unless you check the box to switch to manual.

Enjoy your Tordroid wallet and stay anonymous!

Androidly Yours,
The Verge Team