Meet the Verge Team and Our Future Vision

Kieran Daniels
Oct 31, 2017 · 7 min read
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[Author’s Note: This article and these statements were published prior to November 2017. As with any investment; please do your research and make your own informed decisions.]

Meet the Verge Team and Our Future Vision

Happy Halloween from the Verge Currency Team!

We have been extremely busy over the last few months and it’s finally time to introduce the team and share our future vision with you.

As many of you know, our original team started with over 200+ passionate community volunteers — we owe everything to these people, they were and still are the foundation of the Verge Currency you see today.

As Verge Currency has grown and evolved, the need for more organization and refined processes became apparent. To ensure maximum growth potential and a bright future for the coin, we have energized our original team, while introducing proven talent and industry veterans into the equation.

Here is a quick introduction to the core team and an overview of each member’s responsibilities:


Sunerok founded Verge Currency in 2014 and is the current developer of the project. He is a lifetime advocate of decentralization and open-source technology. He has 20+ years in network security and 6+ years in blockchain.

CryptoRekt @cryptorekt

CryptoRekt is a Sr. Systems Engineers at Cisco Enterprises and the CMO for Verge Currency. He authored the Verge BlackPaper in 2017 and was the original founder of the Core Management Team. He has 9+ years experience in cryptocurrency space and 8+ years in Enterprise technologies and systems engineering.


Sasha is the VP of Operations for Verge Currency. He was born in USSR and has a Master’s of Science in Economics from Bocconi University and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He enjoys freelancing as a data scientist. His professional experience includes IT, project management, investment banking and financial modelling.

Kieran Daniels @kierankyle

Kieran is the VP of Marketing for Verge Currency. He was #6 at and scaled the company from 2,500 to 250,000 users before successfully exiting in January 2015. He is an expert CRO and is passionate about data driven automation and sustainable growth.

Kieran‘s started in 2017 and is currently Co-Founder, CMO at; he focused on scaling Verge Currency by implementing proven marketing principles and strategic partnerships.

Cees van Dam

Cees van Dam has multiple years of Social Media experience and is the primary manager for the Verge Currency Facebook Page. He provides community support and helps newcomers to Verge learn about privacy and other topics. He is also responsible for recruiting volunteers. If you are on Facebook and following Verge, you probably have seen him stop by.


CYANO assists Verge Currency with media design and implementation. He has over 10+ years in graphic design and animation and has a passion for cryptocurrency. He resides in Europe and consults companies such as Allianz, Edeka, and Siemens on design and marketing.


SpookyKid is a career Metrologist with 10+ years of experience working internationally with various countries and companies to promote standardization of traceable measurements.

He is highly experienced at managing multi-national coordination of defense contracts and a deep background in RF waveform analysis, laboratory management, LEAN, and Six Sigma operations. Spookykid is a strategic advisor to Verge Currency.


Emanuel manages the r/Vergecurrency subreddit and helps tremendously with business development and partner outreach. His background is in live event production for opera companies and is currently managing IT for a Fortune 500 company.

Our Vision -

Spanning 15 time zones and speaking 9 languages, the Verge Currency Core Team runs a 24/7 operation and we are progressing rapidly. Now that you have met the crew and before we go any further — I would like to take a moment of your time to discuss the future of Verge and explain our core concepts and goals.

The Wraith Protocol has been a hot topic of discussion for many months now. As more and more people are becoming educated on the difference between private and public ledgers, they are beginning to understand the need for both on the same blockchain and why privacy is not only a human right — but something required for security.

Edward Snowden is often quoted saying — “Bitcoin is great, but it’s not private. And we know that if it’s not private, it’s not secure”. The Wraith Protocol has answered this calling.

When the Wraith Protocol is released, we believe Verge Currency will be fathering a new niche of cryptocurrencies, “Privacy as a Choice” coins, as opposed to “Privacy Only” or “Dark Only” coins.

There are 7.6 billion people in this world and Verge believes each one deserves the right to freely navigate the world’s economy in a safe and secure way, without being surveilled or charged expensive fees to do so.

Verge Currency provides the end user with the choice between total and secure anonymity or a completely transparent public ledger, with each and every transaction. Atomic Swaps provides the end user with the option to remove trusted third parties from the equation, whenever needed.

But, why do you need both private and public ledgers on the same blockchain?

I’m so glad you asked :)

Here are two real world use cases:

Public Ledger:

Let’s say, you need to buy lunch for a sales team meeting and you would like to write it off as a tax expense — turn the Wraith Protocol off and use the normal tor wrapped Verge Currency Blockchain to complete the transaction and make it publicly visible. Now only you are in possession of the missing pieces of this equation, if you were to need proof of the transaction in the future.

Private Ledger:

Now alternatively, say you want to anonymously invest a large sum of money into a stealth startup. Use atomic swaps to eliminate trusted third parties and snooping eyes, turn the Wraith Protocol on to transact untraceably using Stealth Addressing, and communicate via the baked-in encrypted p2p chat (VISP) to avoid PRISM/LEO level surveillance tactics (such as Stylometry).

The possibilities and use cases are limitless, but without both of these options on the same blockchain, you will be forever limited to using multiple currencies and endless hassles.

The Wraith Protocol is highly innovative and it’s innate purpose is to fulfill a foundational need that is required by any cryptocurrency to ensure total security. When the Wraith Protocol is released, Verge Currency will be one step closer to maturity and global adoption.

Looking past this amazing accomplishment and into future of the coin, please allow me to elaborate on the origins and the future vision of Verge Currency.

Simply put, Verge Currency is what we believe Satoshi Nakamoto originally intended Bitcoin to be.

The Verge Currency brand name originated from the phrase “on the verge of greatness”. Those “cup half full” folks may receive that as being “almost there” — At Verge, we choose to interpret the phrase as “always improving”.

If we are not constantly on the verge of the next great thing, we have failed our mission.

Global utility and large scale user adoption have been major limiting factors for all cryptocurrencies; even Bitcoin. These fundamental issues are directly related to the increased rate of crypto flops we continue to see each year. Whether it’s fraudulent ICOs, governmental regulations (or lack thereof), or simply unpractical use cases for blockchain technology — the need for change is apparent.

To create a solution to these issues; Verge Currency was designed around the following principles:

1. Ample Coin Volume

2. Ultra-fast — 5 Second Transaction Speeds

3. Industry Low Fees

4. True 100% Anonymity and Identity Obfuscation (provided as an optional toggle/choice)

These ingredients achieve the perfect alchemy for Verge to mature into a globally adopted currency; free of corruption and forever an open-source and decentralized project. With RSK Smart Contracts on the horizon and future plans for a decentralized Point of Sale integration, Verge Currency is poised for greatness.

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Verge Currency (XVG)

Verge Currency is a crypto designed for everyday use.

Kieran Daniels

Written by

Verge Currency (XVG)

Verge Currency is a crypto designed for everyday use. It improves upon the Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfil its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making transactions while maintaining personal privacy.

Kieran Daniels

Written by

Verge Currency (XVG)

Verge Currency is a crypto designed for everyday use. It improves upon the Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfil its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making transactions while maintaining personal privacy.

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