Development Update on Verge #15

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Once the codebase was released, exactly two weeks ago, it received a lot of well-described reviews. Also, many people took their time to test a lot of things within the new codebase to ensure the highest quality blockchain for the Verge community. As a result, we have a lot of open tasks needing finishing!

Furthermore, Verge’s updated vision written within the new Blackpaper was also very well received within the community due to its easy-to-read and understand nature, as well as adding a view beyond the current tasks of Verge.

We now wish to move on from the review of last development update and devote ourselves to the newer happenings in the development area. Therefore, we created a short list with all topics that will be covered.

  • Android’s wallet updates
  • iOS fixes and updates
  • Mobile devices with stealth addressing — does it make sense?
  • Codebase breakdown

Android Wallet

Our current model of the freshly built Android wallet is basically copying the schema of our current iOS wallet, which is very reliable and much praised by the community, thus Manuel Cabras is harnessing his free time to further implement previous design decisions within the upcoming Android wallet. On the left side are photos of the current sending interface.

Still, it takes a lot of time to implement all the wonderful animations and also the responsiveness of the iOS app, due to the different operating systems being used here.

iOS Wallet

The iOS wallet received a lot of hype over the last weeks and we are astonished to see all those lovely people on all our social media platforms giving us positive & useful feedback on our work. Still, there are some bugs to be fixed, some animations to be smoothed and some performances to be improved.

All of the above-mentioned topics are slightly or fully covered within the latest release of our beta iOS wallet. Always keep an eye on TestFlight to receive new updates.

Additionally, there have been a lot of improvements in usability for apple watch users. A community member, called Ivan (Twitter: @ihellc) decided to support us by building an Apple Watch supported integration for our iOS wallet. He built a price view supporting different currencies, a money transaction interface and some more supportive features for our iOS wallet directly onto your Apple Watch.

Mobile devices with stealth addressing — does it make sense?

Furthermore, we had some deep investigations about the possibility of stealth address implementations into the mobile Verge wallets and we decided, from a privacy perspective, to postpone those feature(s) as it won’t deliver the effect it should.

We are currently in a brainstorming session to bring up new ideas for this certain question:

How to properly handle privacy on everyone's smartphone by utilizing stealth addressing?

If you want to join this brainstorming session, feel free to leave comments or connect yourself directly via the known communication channels. We would appreciate any idea or feedback.

For a more in-depth explanation why this came up, head into the linked article:

Codebase Update

Some further bullet points of changes that have been committed within the last two weeks on our codebase (current status: alpha)

  • Updated the tor integration and build a more stable build system upon that
  • Improved performances overall some proofs over here (on TOR):
  • Cleaned up stealth addressing
  • Preparation for the ring signature integration has been done.
  • Mark XVG-2.1.0 and VVraith-2.1.0 as deprecated, which will result in, that the new codebase will no longer support/connect to those nodes anymore.
  • and many more fixes…

Ending Line

We’re very excited about all developments that are happening amongst the team and as such, we hope that you are as excited as we are for the upcoming codebase updates!

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