Development Update on Verge

As you may remember, the Core team has updated its internal structure of sorts to ensure communication to the masses about our work, our assigned tasks and developments have always been clear and relayed on time. This is a little read about what I am personally working on.

Who am I, you may ask? I’m Marvin, as you may already know and I’m one of the developers at Verge Currency. I’ve been working in the software development field for four years. I’m currently finishing my studies in Applied Computer Sciences. Previously I completed an apprenticeship at Daimler, Germany, over a period of three years specializing in accounting and business development.

Working on Verge

Besides remaining transparent, we will further share details on projects and where Verge Currency is directed.

Disclaimer: As I am a part of the Verge Core team, I will speak freely about some things more than others.

Electron (Light) Verge Wallet

Our installation guidance on mac

Working closely with Swen van Zanten, who is one of our newest Verge Currency core member, we are designing and coding the newest version of the Verge wallet to bring the latest and greatest release yet. Our focus and aim is straight forward and is listed as the following:

  1. Decentralization & Security
  2. User Experience
  3. Reliability
  4. Open Source
  5. Community Driven

Regardless of the hype that flows with these buzzwords, they are key principles in the cryptospace and for Verge Currency itself. We are receiving great feedback from the community and alpha testers in terms of usability, form and function. While minor bugs are being ironed out, we believe the positive reports received are a bright indicator that we are progressing in the right direction.

A new donation side panel

Goal: The leading focus is to create a shippable, gorgeous UI, bug free wallet that the cryptospace hasn’t seen so far.

Track our Progress:

Codebase (Heart of Verge)

We are hearing this more and more:

There will be a new codebase with a rebase from Bitcoin soon.

In summary:

  • Upgrade of the Codebase to Bitcoin v.0.13 (latest: v.0.16)

We will upgrade the base structure of Verge’s codebase to a newer version of Bitcoin. Why is that, you ask? It’s mostly because of updated security protocols and further improvements for the future. We need to have a rock-solid codebase in place at any point in time.

  • Adding RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions)

Privacy and data security is the heart of Verge and therefore we must implement this feature for our users’ privacy. This will bring even more privacy standards into our codebase and makes transactions even more secure.

  • Possibility to create mobile payment systems

This will be a huge leap for Verge into mobile development due to the recent changes that occurred in the Bitcoin core, which will be implemented soon. More about this in future later article.

RSK, a smart contract platform

Without telling you too much about the benefits of RSK and Verge, here are some key facts I’ll talk on.

Well, RSK is a new standard of smart contracts which released some months ago but is still in further development. We are currently trying to resolve the entire infrastructure planning together with RSK. Basically, wrap your mind around the whole platform and find a solution for it function. While this is a massive task, we continue to work on it daily to find efficient solutions.

There will be the possibility for a new sidechain, which is taking off to deliver RSK as smart contracts platform for the Verge community.

And I’ve told it several times right now and I will repeat myself again, there aren’t any predefined solutions for processes like these. We are the great and creative minds around VERGE, who are trying to get this thing up and running. As said before RSK is most likely just some months old and nearly nobody than themselves know how to work with it.

More about RSK:

With all the above said, thank you for reading my non-sense.
See you next time, cheers!

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