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3 min readJun 8, 2021


Hot on the heels of Lewis Neal, and we mean hot, like 4.45 seconds hot!!! Our newest recruit to Fueled by Verge is Malik Williams. Malik has come up through the ranks of the College American Football system, doing the tough miles.

One of four siblings in a very sporty family. All are avid Basketball players, but Malik wanted to take the knocks and give the hits. With the unwavering backing of his loving and grounded parents, Malik pursued his passion for the Gridiron.

The 24 year old started out at Safety on his Junior College team Merced, but scouts liked his speed so much, when he transferred to Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria CA, they placed him at Wide Receiver.

But as Malik’s physique built, this and his flatline speed better suited the Running Back position. Imagine 6ft 3in and 225lbs of power and menace heading for you at blistering pace!!! Scouts at the University of Louisville saw this, and recruited Malik as a Running Back, playing two seasons alongside Lamar Jackson. He excelled with 79 carries for 628 yards at Louisville averaging a staggering 8yds per carry. This included a record setting day of 9 carries 180yds and 2 touchdowns vs Syracuse!

The big time beckoned and the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons picked up Malik as a Free Agent in 2018. Everything was all starting to look very promising for Williams’ NFL career, before a devastating blow. Malik broke his scapula in a tackle, sidelining him right at the start of the season.

But Malik is a fighter, and his never say never attitude, got him back training in preseason with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now fully fit again and raring to go, Malik is ready to fight for a new team spot. As a long time Vikings fan and huge admirer of Adrian Peterson, a chance in Minnesota would be Malik’s dream, but he would love the opportunity to showcase his abilities anywhere in the NFL or CFL.

Scouts and coaches, here’s your chance to find a gem that no other team has on their radar.

In the meantime Malik is setting up a trucking business with his good friend Neal, doing some scouting himself, for an 18 wheeler for his company Leek Will Trucking. So if there are any Verge fam in the trucking business that want to ‘hook up’ with Malik, you know what to do.

Malik was alerted to Verge at the end of 2020. As with everything he does, he fully immersed himself in Verge, believing in our mission as a better version of Bitcoin. We welcome him as part of Fueled by Verge, joining the team to spread the word.

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