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Meet The Team Behind Verge Currency

Being that Verge is an open-source software project driven by community volunteers, its operations and development are technically ran by everyone for everyone. Similar to how Bitcoin began in 2009, Verge is meant to operate without any top-down structure or order of hierarchy (most commonly seen in corporations and other types of organizations). When Bitcoin first launched, there wasn’t much else going on in this space and therefore attracted a very intense level of focus and enthusiasm by a select group of developers, eventually spilling over to community supporters, investors and entrepreneurs. Why does this matter in the crypto world of today and why is this relevant to Verge? For starters — the overall industry market cap had reached approximately 900 billion at the beginning of 2018 and (at the time of writing; what is best known as the “The 2018 bear market”) market cap is now sitting at approximately 150 billion dollars. #rollercoastersarefun

The point here is regardless of bull or bear market fluctuation, this industry has grown at an astronomical rate and is for the most part fuelled by daily trading activity, long hold investment plans, self-made millionaires, (in some cases billionaires), and is now subject to thousands of alternative projects popping up every year. Case in point: Cryptocurrency and dapps have essentially created a whole new demand for individuals with specific skill-sets and it has given birth to new and attractive paid career opportunities. Needless to say, high quality volunteer work for any open-source crypto project is becoming slightly harder to find than it was back in 2009.

That said, Verge has shown incredible resistance, strength and growth in contrast to its well-funded competitors. Verge’s community continues to actively grow month-over-month adding numbers to its audience, vendors and team members who volunteer with the same spirit that Bitcoin once had. Verge Currency’s contributors and core team have evolved a great deal over the course of the last year and a half. Let’s take a look into the group of individuals actively dedicating their time and effort to Verge on a daily basis; otherwise referred to as the “Core Team”.


Justin (Sunerok) is the original founder and lead developer of Verge Currency with 20+ years in network security, 7 years in blockchain technology, and is a lifetime advocate of open-source technology. He first launched the project in 2014 under the name DogecoinDark. His project was started out of pure passion and determination to deliver a software based application designed to enable users around the world to regain some privacy in their everyday lives.
Twitter: @JustinVendetta


CR (CryptoRekt) is one of the oldest team members of the Verge Core Team. He started following the project back in 2014 when it was first launched and has been actively engaged with it ever since. He currently is head of operations and business development and is equally a driving force behind community relations. His passion for Verge has clearly been demonstrated as he has endured the ups and down that this project has witnessed. He is the author of the Verge Currency BlackPaper and continues to actively contribute to technical insight and documentation. During the organizational stages of Verge, he created the “core marketing team” which has organically evolved into what the core team is today. He has 8+ years experience in the cryptocurrency space and 8+ years in enterprise technologies focusing on systems engineering. CR is constantly looking for new ways to evolve Verge from the inside and out and now works on Verge full-time.
Twitter: @CryptoRekt


Mihael is the primary community manager for Verge Currency and works alongside CR (Cryptorekt) to manage internal team action and communication. He is often referred to as the eyes and ears of the community, most importantly he works at the heart of it. He dedicates endless hours to communicating project flow, roadmap points and overall progress to the people of Verge, and equally reports community concerns back to the team. He is a big supporter of blockchain technology and its benefits. Apart from community management, he regularly speaks with Verge’s current and potential vendors and exchanges. When he’s not helping out with Verge, he’s usually researching Crypto and the industry as a whole and looking to acquire additional knowledge. Mihael works as an engineer on an offshore cable laying vessel. Throughout the last 13 years he has worked with almost 30 different nationalities and has visited over 70 countries. Always identifying himself as a “People-Person” Mihael instantly recognized the VergeFam as a thriving community where he belonged.
Twitter: @Mihael_CM


Dini is the head of Project Management within Verge and has her hands in a little bit of everything. She has a bachelor in Economics, and maintains several different Project Management certificates such as Prince 2, Scrum, Lean and has recently earned her Six Sigma Black Belt. She has been a member of the Verge Core team since January 2018. While managing different aspects of wide variety of projects within Verge, she strives to attain synergy and consistency within an open source project. She enjoys seeing the team come together and helps manage the workflow with optimal efficiency. She also stays in contact with different types of businesses and works towards mass adaption as her primary focal point.
Twitter: @CryptoGirlDini


Han is the Head of Marketing for Verge Currency. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is based out of Los Angeles. Han has 8+ years of experience in branding, social and content marketing. He’s a global e-commerce strategist and a growth marketer. He’s obsessed with innovation, disruptive models, IoT/Voice and being a lifetime learner.
Twitter: @GreentAzn


Kris is a volunteer adviser to the Verge core team with an overall focus on strategy, marketing and operations. He has actively helped in restructuring and strengthening team dynamic and market approach. He has worked towards implementing better business strategy while equally supporting a volunteer-driven open-source culture. He entered the crypto space in early 2015 with initial interest in Bitcoin, followed by a bullish move into Ethereum and smart contracts. As an advocate of personal data privacy, he explored Verge as a community member at the beginning of 2017 and was asked to join the “core team” in December of that year. He believes in Blockchain / DLT agnosticism and is highly enthusiastic about decentralized governance within economies, organizations and apps. Kris is an entrepreneur, investor and world traveler; embracing a digital nomadic lifestyle as often as time permits. He is the co-founder of two companies outside of the crypto space, will soon be launching a blockchain FinTech venture, and is actively working to establish co-working spaces set in exotic locations.
Twitter: @KristopherMT


Marvin a product developer for Verge and is the initial creator of the new desktop wallet. He is responsible for the further development of user facing applications with an intense focus on user experience. He also actively writes technology updates on Verge Currency’s medium publication. Marvin is currently studying in Berlin Germany; working towards his bachelor’s degree in computer science with a deeper dive into big data applications. He worked as one of the budget analysts at Daimler AG prior to moving to a B2B software development company where he works as a front-end engineer. His goal is to contribute a strategic combination of economical understanding and engineering for Verge Currency.
Twitter: @marpme_


Swen is a product developer for Verge specializing in app development and primarily the lead on iOS and Mac based development work. Similar to Marvin, Swen puts forth his effort in contributing to writing tech development updates via the Verge Medium account and takes great pride in helping the community understand what is being worked on. Born in Rotterdam and still proudly based out of the Netherlands. Swen initially worked for as an ICT engineer for a company which was responsible for servicing the pos systems of all KPN/HI/Telfort retail stores in the Netherlands. During that time he became interested in learning mobile application development and now holds over 6 years of experience in the field. He now programs professionally for Troublefree where he works with PHP and Javascript on on a daily basis for Troublefree Smart Bulb: a software program for bulb companies. Swen is now their senior/lead developer and manages his own team.
Twitter: @SwenVanZanten


Akshay assists Verge Currency with the development of peripheral applications like bots and verge wallet integrations for Point of Sale apps. He is a data science engineer by profession working on AI and loves to blog about tech and cryptocurrencies ( He also helps in managing the verge subreddit and is a lead moderator and contributor to the verge India telegram channel.
Twitter: @sourcedexter


Mike (Stack) is a technical advisor to Verge Currency. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and works for a DoD contractor as a software engineer. Even as a child, Mike had a deep love for technology and began developing software and working in the IT industry prior to attending college. His experience ranges from radar sensors and embedded software to enterprise scale web applications.
Twitter: @CmplxStack


Lloyd is a general advisor and writer for Verge who most recently, along with Marvin, created and also maintains the Verge WiKi/Knowledgebase. Lloyd is 38, from Kentucky, and has a growing family of three kids of which the most recent was born several months ago. He has a long history as an entrepreneur, community volunteer, and business leader; serving as the CIO of a medium sized (US wide) managed services provider that he helped found, as well as owning and operating several other small local businesses. He was drawn in by the goals that Verge plan to achieve, but most specifically the community which surrounded that effort. He wanted to not only lend a helping hand, but to also bring forward his many years of business experience and communication skills to the Verge Core team. When asked “why Verge?” His response was “I like that it grew to this point without an ICO, that it’s not a company, it’s open source, fast, and that it is truly staffed by Volunteers. Sounds like the peoples coin to me, and I knew that I would want to be involved in that."
Twitter: @3swizzlesticks


Jason is a community manager for Verge Currency. He was one of the first team members who joined the VergeFam community in 2014 during a time when “Verge” was still called DogeCoinDark and had less than 20 people in the community. He moderates Verge Discord and Telegram. Jason has 5 years experience with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He is the true ambassador of decentralization and privacy.
Twitter: @CoinCrazy66


Alex, otherwise known as “Ninja” (a nickname given to him by the community, for his uncanny ability to show up at the right time and solve various problems) primarily focuses on editing technical documentation for Verge and has been a huge help ensuring that all content is suitable for public release. He also plays a supportive role to Mihael (Verge community manager), in helping with communications with the Verge community, by answering questions and connecting people with the right resources. Alex is an accomplished project manager who’s worked with several different successful startup companies.
Twitter: @XVG_Ninja


Ernstjan joined Verge Core team in April 2018. He helps with writing, sales, sourcing potential partnerships, consults on business management strategy and sometimes he cooks. He has 17 years of consultancy and advertising under his belt and is an active investor in crypto and private equity.
“There is nothing more satisfying then beating well funded teams through the efforts of volunteers. The Verge team is one of the most dedicated teams I have ever worked with.”
Twitter: @ErnstjanAlbers


Nick assists Verge Currency with marketing strategies, multimedia design and production. He finds new creative methods for furthering Verge adoption, and creates press release graphics, videos, and tutorials. Nick is also the founder and CEO of BitcoinRack (, a large volume miner hosting solution. With a life dedicated to the growth of a decentralized monetary system, he aspires Verge Currency to achieve its greatest potential.
Twitter: @XVGGAUDI


Hassan is Verge’s lead graphic designer. Everything from the official Verge website, Wallet design mockups and brand guidelines, to general marketing materials and graphics are results of Hassan’s work. He oversees the majority of design implementation and manages continuity across all Verge related material. He discovered cryptocurrency a little over a year ago through a friend who was bullish on bitcoin. By doing his own research into the industry, he discovered Verge and immediately reached out to the team with hopes of helping contribute to better design and UX. He is based in Denmark with heritage rooting from Iraq. He has been running a design agency for the last 7 years and has worked with clients across different sectors and industries; from startups to large corporations. He studies product development engineering as he has personal passion in designing products and seeing them through to the manufacturing stage.
Twitter: @waveon3


Arend works on Tech integration and Technical communication for Verge. His main focus is establishing new partnerships and helping the companies and vendors with the integration of Verge. He also conducts in-depth research and gathers statistics on a variety of elements related to the project. He’s currently studying Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence in the Netherlands and has experience in project management, marketing and IT.
Twitter: @Arend_XVG


Mark first became aware of Crypto in 2010 and while searching amongst the many different projects in the space, he found his core beliefs aligned perfectly with Verge. At Verge, Mark focuses on business development, contract negotiations and facilitation and vendor relations. He comes to us with an extensive background in sales, spent years in the automotive industry and has some experience with marketing and finance. He’s been involved in these industries since 1998 (20 years) and has had success at scaling companies in very short periods of time. He is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Twitter: @VergeCanada


Harry is involved with the outreach and business development team for Verge Currency. He looks for markets and businesses that can integrate Verge into their platforms to bring about the goal of mass adoption. His background is in international trade and marketing with a global understanding of different cultures as he has lived on four different continents; developing businesses. When he’s not volunteering for Verge he is advising venture companies with marketing strategies, Harry is passionate about seeing global adoption of cryptocurrencies take place as well as the expansion of blockchain technology.
Twitter: @XVGHS


Dan (wit_sec_birb) is a strong believer of bringing privacy to people around the world and found himself right at home as a part of the Verge with the hopes to be able to contribute to the team for many years to come. His primary focus on the team is to do technical research, debunk misinformation and communicate with investors looking for clarification. Dan is a procurement manager from Australia and handles over 8 offices globally in the oil and energy field. He specializes in media, design and photography and has had numerous works featured in a number 1 selling automotive print publication.
Twitter: @wit_sec_birb


Timothy’s passion for Verge comes from a lifelong interest in IT and security, which aligns well with the fact that he is currently active in the security field as an entrepreneur. Tim studied management and is knowledgeable in the operational, tactical and strategic sides of business. He always stays in contact with everyone in the community and continues to reach out and discuss new possibilities, opportunities and solutions. Tim is multi-lingual and has travelled many different parts of the world and believes he can leverage his reach to opens new doors. Tim has reserved a couple of days each week to work on his passion — Verge.
Twitter: @TR_Stevens


CryptoSam is a Sales Manager with over a decade of experience in planning, strategy and contract negotiation in the advertising industry. She particularly specializes in developing disruptive solutions for companies and their marketing/branding initiatives. Sam brings this business acumen paired with extensive product knowledge to assist Verge via Procurement and Fulfillment of advertising collateral.
Twitter: @CryptoSamantha


Leon (Cloakfox) is a community manager that has only recently joined the Verge Core team but has been an active and trusted community member for over a year prior to joining. He is hosting and administrating the Verge Forums in an effort to bring the Verge community closer together and make it easier for members to express their opinion about Verge, make suggestions that are actually looked at and find support for anything Verge related. Cloakfox fell in love with the Verge project because it was not funded by an ICO but was more of a community effort similar to that of Bitcoin back in the day. You can visit the Verge Forums through this url:
Twitter: @Verge_forums

The Verge Team is ever-changing and as these last words are placed on this page, there are already a few new additions to the team. There’s a great group of individuals who have been working extremely hard to support and further project goals. Stay tuned for future edits as we add new Verge Core members to the roster.

Final thought: Regardless of who comes and goes, where they are from, what their names are or what their background is, the main take-away here is that the effort and passion put forth by all who have ever touched this project, is an energy that is clearly unique and not easily replicable.

Thank you VergeFam.




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