RPA College is Fueled By Verge!

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2 min readJun 1, 2021


I’m really pumped to tell you this story!!!

Last week on Tuesday we talked about Lewis Neal joining our roster, but the movement for Fueled by Verge seems to be picking up steam!

We are proud to present RPA College! This 2 year educational program created by Reggie Calhoun Jr. will create a next generation of athletes Fueled by Verge! Make sure to give both Reggie and RPA College a follow!

Joining the #VergeFam

Reggie heard about the VergeFam and their mission of teaching about blockchain and adoption of a borderless digital currency, through his friend Lewis. As a result, Reggie started accepting payments for the college in $XVG as well as joining the Fueled By Verge mission.

Reggie himself, no stranger to adversity admires the dedication of the #VergeFam. Having himself founded RPA College in order to cater to needs that he himself as a young man felt he needed, going to different schools in different states, finishing and joining the military. Reggie built RPA to offer guidance to young athletes, education through sports!

This brings us to Reggie’s role within FbV, where he will be doing outreach with Lewis in the athletics side. College sports is a huge area of marketing within the USA.

We are grateful to have these entrepreneuring athletes among us!

About RPA College:

RPA College began as an education platform to teach post high school youth about life critical skills, through the platform that is sports! They teach Basketball, Football, Baseball. RPA College works in the USA, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.


About Verge Currency:

Verge Currency (XVG) is a digital currency that harnesses the power of blockchain seen in Bitcoin, combining the speed of electronic payments, with the privacy of paying in cash.

Join Us

The Verge Community has people watching around the world, this number reaching near the million. From our Official Verge Currency facebook page, to the unofficial Facebook group, from Twitter, to BlockFolio, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Telegram and Discord, and even LinkedIn. So be sure to give us a like/follow and stay tuned for more!




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