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Verge Currency can be used to book from over 800,00 hotels across the globe

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with XcelPay as the payment gateway and XcelTrip as the global travel partner.

We have always stressed how important key partnerships are to achieve our goal of mass adoption. It’s not easy and we can definitely not do it ourselves. Partnerships are one of those channels that provide us with avenues to get introduced to a wider audience.

XcelTrip has undertaken a humongous task of democratizing the trillion dollar travel industry. They have achieved their first goal of enabling all their users to purchase flight tickets, book hotels, and buy tickets to blockchain events across the globe.

Anyone with Verge Currency can spend it to book from over 800,000 hotels, over 300 airlines, across 200 countries.

We have a decentralized travel ecosystem as a partner, so what?

Many of the community members who wanted to purchase tickets to our meetup asked if they can pay with Verge. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to accommodate that. Now, we have a possible avenue to host our event and provision payment with Verge. And here’s the exciting bit, along with the event, even the flight tickets and the hotel room charges can be paid with Verge too.

With a platform that provides payment through cryptocurrencies needs to have a strong payment gateway as its backbone. One which is extremely simple to use, provides reliability, and works seamlessly across platforms. This is XcelPay!

XcelPay is an independent entity which focuses on providing payment solutions to all kinds of platforms. The capabilities of XcelPay can be experienced through XcelTrip.

XcelPay being a Verge Currency Partner allows for any retailers and merchants to integrate payments with Verge through the XcelPay PoS (Point of Sale) systems. users would be able to pay with Verge through the XcelPay android or iOS app. This brings in the simplicity we need.

We are thrilled with this partnership. We will work relentlessly to provide the easiest and the simplest channels for anyone around the world to anonymously use Verge and protect their transactional data.



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