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Verge Currency Marketing Update #9

June 9th, 2020

During these last few months, there has been quite a lot happening in the background for the verge team. While the developers keep on devv’ing. We keep on trying to find new ways for the currency to be used.

After the partnership with MeconCash, we started looking at ways to make the community more effective. Making it more interactive and easier for people to find us. To this avail, check out the who is the verge community and come make new friends!

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

Without further ado, here’s what’s happened during the month of May and early June.

We’ve built a bot that will re-tweet all of the #xvg #devupdate from our developers, so that its easier for you to follow, more on that next month.

Meanwhile follow @xvgdevbot on twitter to see the news.


The same thing that happened to bitcoin. Here’s a good explainer by CoinDesk:

You can see that in approximately 30 days (from sharing this article) we will be halving.

New Partnership

We want to let you know that bigger and better things are happening, like the collaboration between MeconCash and Verge. This month of May was hard for everyone, but we have put in extra vigor to bring you new partnerships as well as more chances for you to get involved.

In a first for the community, we had a live announcement through mark and Ross Macdonald from the blockchain Business Magazine.

In a comprehensive podcast organized from Blockchain Business Magazine, Meconcash provides more detailed insight on the partnership and their plans in the payment industry.

We have great advertisements produced by The Crypto Camel available on youtube, here is the longer one:

New Vendors

Nomad Postbox: a physical post address provider

On Demand DTG: an online retail store with custom design print Apparel.

Fueled By Verge

Danny Robertson is keeping up with his training, and course he brings his Verge bike everywhere he goes! He also started an auction in June to raise funds, using XVG, and donating it through our partner the Manny Pacquiao Foundation. Check out his twitter below:

Make sure to follow him!

Gil Linster proudly carries Verge Logo on his car and helmet keeps Verge closer to himself in his NASCAR challenges. Check him out here and make sure to hit the follow button!

Verge is a fun community, and throughout the years has always embraced artists, from musicans to gif makers and meme makers. To this avail, Change Angel Blog has made a gif competition on twitter: Check it out here:

Alex produced a great who is the Verge community update, with links to everyone you should follow, set alerts too, and which groups to join.

Everyone stay safe out there and if you want a place to just talk or blow off some steam come hang out with us and the Verge community in Discord.



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