Yes everybody know the stupid question on many websites. “ I am not a robot”. Any then you should select the right picture. ohh

Google developed a new reCapatcha called “ recaptcha v3”. It should record and evaluate the activities on the web pages via Javascript. And Google’s algorithm should calculate if you are human or not.

Oh, no please not. You want really that google know how you moved your mouse. How long have you visited the website? And many other information.

So I think this is a new data collector for Google Ads. Google whould know who you are looking on a website to place adversting better.

Do you need captcha? Why?

The idea behind “captcha” , block spamming / curler and any other web bots. Because they can destroy your website and the community behind. Example a forum, who bots can create a user account automatic. The bots can write so many “trash” post that nobody can use the forum. Or they can create million of user accounts.

Thats the reason why you use captcha. The most captcha use image with letters or other crypto fonts. And the user should recognize the chars ant write it down. But today the “image recognition” apis recognize all pictures. You can try a test with the AWS image recognize api.

So now we have destroyed the protection again bots.

A better Idea?

It is not easy to find a solution that can only solved by humans. 
I would spontaneously come up with only the millennium problems. 😜

I read lots of posts on stackoverflow. And the peopel has great Ideas. Like the “Honeypot” or a ethic questions “ What is sweeter a cat or a mole.” 
But all these questions are relatively easy to bypass by bots …

So now i can understand the idea from Google with recaptcha v3. Bu they have lots of implementation problems. How should it’s work on smartphones or tablets with toutch?

I think we need a other soulution. So I’m thinking of a solution that people can do better than machines. And yes, i find a solution from the messagner KIK. The have a “Validation” system, This is very easy, but machines need somt time, to understand the problem. And they need a API / Software, thats not exist today.

You think, thats not a problem for a software? Please try it out. A recognize api can find out, thats the picture are a cat. But the can’t dedect the right position. The only thing is brutforce. But you can easy block it. Or you can compare the image with a right calculated hash. Ok, but what are you doing? when the context changes?

A other great example for a hard solved captcha are the “Can you find it” quiz. You generate a white box and hide a colored dot. The users should now simply toutch the dot. Thats doesn’t sound very hard von a software / algoritmus.

A machine would have to take many steps into account here. First, the image would have to be examined to find out the point. Next, the coordinates have to be calculated. And then a touch would have to be simulated.

I’m in charge of magic coder, will find out some useful new captcha options. And introduce them here. You will here more from me to this intersting topic.

Image credits: Frank V.