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Balancer grant for custom security issuing and trading pools

The Balancer DAO has made a grant to bring Cefi security issuances to Defi liquidity pools and the trading of security tokens on decentralized exchanges.

Verified has been working with Balancer to develop custom pools for issuing and trading regulation compliant security tokens. The custom pools integrate traditional financial service workflows with Balancer’s decentralized exchange. The custom pool for issuing new security tokens to raise capital by businesses is launching soon. And with the 30k Balancer grant, Verified will implement a custom pool for trading already issued and subscribed security tokens. Such secondary trading will provide much needed liquidity for tokenized alternative assets on the Verified Network.

As we look across the growing landscape of decentralized finance, it’s extremely exciting to see partners like Verified further the development of compliant security token trading. Verified has found a use case for Balancer technology that provides a dual benefit — facilitates their innovative compliance subscription construct as well as fostering liquidity in traditional assets. Helping support and empower Verified fits into our mission to facilitate a more compliant, global, transparent, accessible and secure financial marketplace for all assets. — Jared Diamond, Head of Business Development & Capital Markets, Balancer

We are very excited to work with Balancer to further develop custom pools for secondary trading of security tokens. Such trading and settlement will be compliant to regulations with regulated financial services providers on the Verified Network servicing assets that are issued and traded. We are looking forward to enabling liquidity on Balancer for tokenized alternative assets such as private equity, debt, and asset backed securities, and also enable traders on Balancer diversify their digital asset portfolio with tokenized alternative assets that offer a competitive return on investment. — Kallol Borah, Product head, Verified Network



The Verified Network is a global, blockchain powered, decentralized financial services platform for payments, financing and investments.

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