2017 Top MLB Baseball Handicappers

Handicapping Major League Baseball games can be much different than handicapping other sports. Because of the use of the money line for betting and the tremendous impact starting pitchers have on the odds, it can be a little overwhelming to know what to look for when trying to pick winners in baseball. While one could make a case for any one of a zillion stats to be factored into capping MLB games, there are some more important than others. These include but are not limited to: WHIP, ERA, Hitter vs. Pitcher Stats, Pitcher vs. Team, Grass vs. Turf, Night vs. Day, Outdoors vs. Indoors, Team Batting Average over, last 5 games, Hot or Cold Team, Bullpens, Closers, Home vs. Road, Errors, Weather & Wind Conditions.

Breaking down all of these betting stats for every matchup every day can be a little overwhelming for the average baseball fans. Most MLB gamblers just simply don’t have the time to breakdown all of the daily match-ups which is required to find that one or two daily games with the best odds of making you money. However, there are a handful of MLB Betting Experts that make a living betting on MLB baseball and share their daily insights via sports handicapping services, so that you don’t have to do all of the homework. But finding the best MLB handicappers can be just as difficult as handicapping the games themselves. At VerifiedCappers.com we are home to some of the Best MLB sports handicappers on the planet and we track and monitor their daily picks to make it easy for our members to ride the hot hand. Below are the Top 10 MLB Handicappers for the 2017 season to date ranked by total money earned.

Best 2017 MLB Handicappers

Top 10 Best MLB Handicappers for 2017:

#1 Scott Allen Stanley +$15,580 www.DocumentedHandicappers.com

#2 Russell Davis +$15,210 www.PrecisionPicks.com

#3 Richard Hartline +$13,370 www.PrecisionPicks.com

#4 Sean Cassidy +$11,760 www.ATSExperts.com

#5 Christopher Rockfeld +$11,625 www.Oddsboard.com

#6 Craig Jennings +$11,530 www.PrecisionPicks.com

#7 Jimmy Wood +$11,270 www.SportsPicksForum.com

#8 Ray Franklin +$11,025 www.PrecisionPicks.com

#9 CB Ferris +$10,885 www.Betsheet.com

#10 David Luang +$10,520 www.KingSportsPicks.com

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What makes the MLB Baseball handicappers at VerifiedCappers different? VerifiedCappers.com is the #1 Sports Monitor on the internet for one reason — all records are 100% documented and verified. What makes VerifiedCappers.com different is that all picks are immediately available to the public after the start of every game. There is no boasting of outlandish records or fabricated results, because our editors and community track and monitor the picks of all handicappers every single day. All records are 100% documented and verified — all MLB handicappers are ranked by default based on the total profit they have earned their clients this season. You will also see key metrics like winning percentages and win-loss records. The long-term trends below show the absolute cream of the crop. There are hundreds of online MLB handicappers but at VerifiedCappers.com we rank all of these handicappers to make it easy to track and follow.
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While this certainly doesn’t guarantee profits, it does make it much easier to win long-term, especially because there are so many games to choose from each week. If you are someone who is new to betting on baseball or simply want to take your game to the next level, we’ve put together a list of the best resources to help you with your MLB handicapping this season.

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