New to Betting the Bases? Learn How to Bet Baseball Like the Pro’s

If you’re a long time sports bettor it’s safe to assume that each fall you prep for football season. Football is the most heavily wagered sport in the States and has become the most popular sport among Americans. Chances are that if you bet NFL or NCAAF then you are well aware of the tight lines Vegas will release each week and how difficult it can be to profit. The good sports handicappers and sports bettors will profit but it has become ever so difficult.

Baseball has lost a little steam in recent years due to the decrease in popularity but you should know that bigger profits can be found in MLB betting compared to football betting. The most common answer we hear from members when asked why they don’t bet baseball? They don’t know how! MLB baseball can be a fun and exciting game to bet on so we have put together a short tutorial on how to bet MLB baseball using two common ways to wager, money line and total.

Money line odds explained

Let’s first start with the money line odds. Money line odds are often what confuses sports bettors but once it’s explained it’s quite simple to understand and one of the most common wagers placed in MLB.

Let’s use an example of a game to give you a better idea of how money line works using a game vs the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland A’s:

Boston Red Sox +100
Oakland A’s -120

In this instance, the A’s are the favored team, as signified by the — (minus) symbol written in front of the -120, while the Red Sox are the underdogs, as designated by the + (plus) in front of the +100.

What the odds mean are quite simple: if you wanted to place a wager on the Red Sox you would pay $100 to win $100 (even odds). If you wanted to place a wager on the A’s you would pay out $120 to win $100. The $20 is the juice a sportsbook would charge you to place a wager on the favored team.

The money line is used in MLB since the margin of victory can be so small it would be very difficult for Vegas to create a point spread. The majority of MLB games are decided by 1–2 runs which is why we use a money line to place our wagers.

Total line odds explained

Betting the total in MLB is the most common wager accepted. The total is a fun way to enjoy a baseball game when you’re not rooting for a specific team but you’re hoping that the final score either goes Over your total line or Under your total line. Let’s use an example from the above game to further explain.

Boston Red Sox vs Oakland A’s
Over 8.5 (+100)
Under 8.5 (-120)

The Over/Under is set at 8.5 runs for the above sample game. What this means is that you either will place a wager on the Over 8.5 at even odds (+100 to win $100) or if you like the Under 8.5 runs then you would wager $120 to win $100. It’s that simple. If you bet the Over then you would want the combined total of runs to exceed 8.5, so 9+ runs in this example would win your wager. If you wager the Under 8.5, you would want the combined total of runs to be less then 8.5 runs so 8 runs or less would cash your ticket.

Hopefully this quick tutorial on how to bet baseball has helped explained the most common forms of MLB betting. As you can see, it’s not that intimidating after all and you too can hopefully profit from MLB baseball!

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Article written by: Wes Salvato

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