We just hit 10 founding members!

We are very excited to announce that we have hit a major milestone in developing the Veriglif network and have officially brought on 10 founding members! They represent over 5 million respondents and are committed to using the network as soon as it is finalized.

1Q, OvationMR, Apps That Pay, Potentiate, L&E Research, GreenBook, The Black Puma, and DataWallet are working closely with us to grow this global consumer data ecosystem. More will be officially announced shortly as soon as we get final approval from the members. Additionally, many household brands are supporting and encouraging us along our journey.

In addition, we continue to maintain a deep integrated partnership with i-360, who have a quality database with up to 1,000 variables on 250+ million adults within north America. This will allow our founding members to further enrich and validate their data and keep building the consumer datagraph.

These founding members and their direct consumer relationships are an integral foundation for us to perform 4 key functions across the network:

  1. Validate — individual identity across all network partners
  2. Link — individual data profiles across all network partners
  3. Inventory — individual data profiles across all network partners
  4. Transact — all individual data assets across all network partners

For months our core focus has been on implementing the product roadmap to make this a reality, and now we have more good news to share!

At our core Veriglif is a supply chain management and transactional processing network based on a tech stack that incorporates the private distributed ledger solution Hyperledger. The Hyperledger component is enabling the execution of smart contracts at scale; Veriglif aims to allow for both consumers and data agents (the functional role of our network members) to determine the who, what, when, where and why of any transaction across the network.

However, Hyperledger is only a part of our solution; the other technology components are a series of automated API integrations, an AI-driven data inventory solution, and a transactional processing portal.

We are excited to share that we are now officially halfway through our road map and about to begin beta testing!

To make things even better, one of our key technology partners will be offering all network participants access to their white-labeled cross-platform passive measurement solution allowing every panel the opportunity to expand their data assets in the network to include a virtually limitless new stream of behavioral data.

This is huge because network members and their consumer audiences will be able to exponentially expand the individual-level datagraph with both active and passive data sources in order to monetize that in a fully permissioned and privacy-compliant way.

In other words, we’re almost there: we have established the minimal viable network, the MVP (Version #1) will be going in beta in just a few weeks, we are on track for Version #2 (the full commercial platform) to go live in Q3 and we have the tech to ensure new individual level data types are added to the data graph daily. By the beginning of 2020 we shift our focus to scaling, and we have some very cool things in the works on that front as well; stay tuned for more soon!

Finally, we will be presenting at IIeX North America 2019, in Austin TX April 23–25 to talk about how a global consumer data ecosystem can benefit everyone. We will be exploring what life will be like once this truly inclusive ecosystem is in full release and share our progress to date.

We would love for you to come and listen and meet some of our team; check it out on the link below! If you’re already planning to attend, let’s connect in person by emailing James Wilson (james.wilson@veriglif.com) and finding time.

Thanks for all the support to date; it’s all coming together and the next few months are going to be amazing as we continue to bring Veriglif to market!

Follow our publication to stay up to date, and if you have any questions or wish to get more involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@veriglif.com or visit our website at veriglif.com.