FastGo, MPOS, Weshop, Ngan Luong, EGate apply VeriME’s D-KYC digital identity verification solution.


With the partnership agreement signed on September 7, 2018, NFC, MPOS, Weshop, FastGo, EGate are the first payment partners to implement the Blockchain D-KYC platform for digital identity verification. VeriME.

Today, 7/9/2018, VeriME — a pioneer in service identification (VaaS) has officially launched the D-KYC digital identity verification product on the blockchain Ethereum.

VeriME is an Intermediate Digital Signature Verification service that enables VeriME Service Providers to validate and / or authenticate a Lead verified and approved by VeriME. The verification process can be performed by the customer anytime, anywhere in 3 minutes on the customer’s mobile device thanks to intelligent application using Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Cloud Computing. VeriME enhances the transparency and accuracy of transactions and improves user experience while saving time and money for KYC and Customer Authentication processes.

Based on Blockchain’s non-centric model, with VeriME, customer profiles are verified and certified, stored on their mobile devices, ensuring privacy and risk-taking. Data leakage. After extensive testing and product development, VeriME has officially launched its D-KYC digital signature verification solution. By the end of September, VeriME will deploy D-Secure authentication and payment authentication solutions.

Customers create personal profiles and identity verification on the VeriME application

More about new products, a shared VeriME representative, KYC (Client Identification), is a process that allows businesses and organizations to identify and verify their customer identity. This process is particularly important in the financial services industry to ensure that clients are properly on file to avoid potential litigation and to take legal responsibility for future violations of law.

VeriME’s D-KYC service realizes digital customer identification. D-KYC implements the KYC remotely and completely online process without requiring customers to meet, fill out forms and submit documents. D-KYC uses biometric technologies to automatically determine the physical appearance of customers and compare them with authentic materials without having to meet face-to-face, thus maximizing convenience and Minimize costs for customers and service providers.

As with D-Secure, a VeriME representative said that payment authentication refers to a secure online or offline method that identifies a user or buyer through two factor authentication or three authentication. element. This includes identifying and validating the user.

VeriME’s D-Secure is an authentication and payment fraud protection solution provided by VeriME to partners, which helps prevent any leakage of customer data, resulting in significant cost savings and enhancements. the user experience. Instead of having to enter OTP authentication as traditional, D-Secure helps customers quickly confirm transactions with the click of a button on the VeriME application.

“VeriME’s D-KYC and D-Secure solutions are designed to ensure that their partners comply with local data protection laws and the Data Protection Act. We believe that VeriME believes that these two solutions combined with Blockchain and Machine learning solutions can really bring real value to the financial ecosystem, “the VeriME representative confirmed.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar — CEO of VeriME (left) and Mr. Nguyen Duc Dung — Business Director of Ngan Luong Joint Stock Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement on September 5,

Also within the framework of the launch of D-KYC, VeriME has announced a strategic partnership agreement with NFC, MPOS, Weshop, FastGo and EGate payment partners in providing Digital Identification Verification Based on the Blockchain platform, it simplifies the authentication process, making the process more seamless and secure with VeriME authentication solutions.

This can be considered as the initial step to building an ecosystem against loss of confidential data, and compliance with local data ownership. In the future, continuing to develop this application with more participants will accelerate the change on a fast pace.

Launched in early 2017, VeriME is a Finchech Singapore startup company specializing in blockchain-based authentication solutions to facilitate easy, fast and reliable access for banks and organizations. TelCos, trading floors and major merchants. VeriME has now partnered with more than 35 global partners including more than 300,000 online sellers and their consumers.


TrueVett is a blockchain based Verification-as-a-Service…


TrueVett is a blockchain based Verification-as-a-Service that facilitates easy and fast user authentication for merchants. For more information visit our website:

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TrueVett is a blockchain based Verification-as-a-Service that facilitates easy and fast user authentication for merchants. For more information visit our website: