VeriME October 2018 Newsletter

Hello VeriME Community,

Welcome to October 2018 edition of VeriME news. Here is yet another update on our initiatives pursued in the last month.


We are excited to announce that VeriME has opened a new office in Colombo, Sri Lanka as part of its overseas expansion on 2nd October 2018. Thank you for all your support and Congratulations to VeriME Team on this expansion.

Rohan Jayasinghe

As part of the expansion, VeriME is pleased to announce the appointment of Rohan Jayasinghe as Managing Director for Sri Lanka, responsible for the overall sales strategies and initiatives for the Sri Lankan market. As part of his role, Rohan would also oversee VeriME’s market entry strategies for Seychelles & Maldives.

Rohan Jayasinghe, is a businessman and entrepreneur. Mr. Rohan has a distinguished career with over 40 years’ experience in business management. Having started and run numerous ventures in the past, Rohan have had first row seats to the problems faced in customer KYC and client due diligence processes. With the blockchain-based solution, VeriME is offering, he believes it will bring a change in the traditional KYC process which most industries have been longing for quite some time now. VeriME is excited and looking forward for more partners from this region.

VeriME is rated as one of the Top-10 APAC Blockchain Solution Providers by CIO Advisor

For more info on this please click the link below to read the complete article published by CIO Advisor.


We are pleased to announce our partnership with WEX Inc., a leading company specialising in payment processing solutions, data management solutions and virtual payment solutions. The mutual referral partnership will add value to customers and lead to a win-win situation with increased targeted benefits and greater business development opportunities for both companies.

Powered by the belief that complex payment systems can be made simple, WEX Inc. (NYSE: WEX) is a leading provider of payment processing and business solutions across a wide spectrum of sectors, including fleet, travel and healthcare. WEX operates in more than 10 countries and in more than 20 currencies through more than 3,500 associates around the world. WEX fleet cards offer 11.5 million vehicles exceptional payment security and control; purchase volume in its travel and corporate solutions grew to $30.3 billion in 2017; and the WEX Health financial technology platform helps 300,000 employers and more than 25 million consumers better manage healthcare expenses.


We’re excited to announce that we implemented new features in our recent version, specifically transfer of VME tokens to/from your VeriME wallet! Our revised UI/UX changes ensure smooth and seamless user experience while uploading identity documents into VeriME DApp. Additionally we have added new fields/metadata in the transaction records for our Users and Partners to easily recognize Merchant, sub-merchant and primary/referral partner information.

Our product team is looking for volunteers to help test new features. As a valued member of VeriME community, we would like to invite you to test our app and share your feedback!

You can download VeriME apps here:



Please do share your feedback to


Our partner EGATE have now implemented D-AUTH feature to authenticate users during sign-in process. Please do take a moment to check out how EGATE have integrated VeriME for Sign-up, Sign-in and transaction processing. Additionally EGATE has also listed VME token in their list of currencies. EGATE users can now buy and sell VME in their platform. EGATE merchants also would be able to accept VME token as part of payment acceptance!

We are happy to announce we also have our partners NganLuong and Vaymuon have implemented VeriME D-KYC and D-AUTH services for onboarding and authenticating their Merchants and Users. As you probably are aware NganLuong is the largest online payment gateway in Vietnam with over 7,000 merchants, processing over millions of dollars of monthly payment volume. On the other hand, Vaymuon is one of the largest eWallet in Vietnam with over 200,000 user base.

As we have announced earlier, our primary objective for Q4 2018 is to integrate with as many signed partners as possible. We are excited with these integrations and hoping to scale in the region very soon!

VERIME offers KYC SERVICES TO Bitgamescoins ICO.

We are happy to announce VeriME’s eKYC solution is being used by an ICO, which went live with presale couple of weeks ago. BitGameCoins (, a China based company are in the process of raising funds to build their gaming platform. VeriME is their preferred KYC provider for whitelisting the users.


With the increase in cyber attacks issues during Q1/Q2 2018 we have updated VeriME website and email addresses, keeping security in mind, we have now moved to .io domain with added security features and protocols. We would like to make sure that we remain in touch, so please take a few minutes to update the information, as we will no longer be using .mobi domain after October 2018.

Following are the details:-


Partner Log In —

For sales related communication kindly contact

For marketing related communication kindly contact

For other enquiries please contact

We look forward to hear from you.

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