VeriME opens office in Sri Lanka as part of its overseas expansion

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Oct 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Singapore & Colombo, 2 October 2018

The revolution of transforming the digital identification and verification sector, which VeriME started has crossed ASEAN borders and made its way to Sri Lanka. VeriME is pleased to announce the opening of new office in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The expansion which was announced a few days ago by the company co-founder, Nguyen Hoa Binh, came shortly after the news of its blockchain based product launch. As part of the expansion, VeriME is pleased to announce the appointment of Rohan Jayasinghe as Managing Director for Sri Lanka, responsible for the overall sales strategies and initiatives for the Sri Lankan market. As part of his role, Rohan would also oversee VeriME’s market entry strategies for Seychelles & Maldives.

Rohan Jayasinghe, is a businessman and entrepreneur. Mr. Rohan has a distinguished career with over 40 years’ experience in business management. Speaking on this appointment, Rohan was quoted as saying, “The VeriME project is a great initiative by business owners of Singapore. Having started and run numerous ventures in the past, I have had first row seats to the problems faced in customer KYC and client due diligence processes. With the blockchain-based solution, VeriME is offering, I hope to see a change in the traditional KYC process which most industries have been longing for quite some time now. Most importantly, I really like the way VeriME has coupled KYC along with Payment & User Authentication ”

Nguyen Binh, Co-founder VeriME, speaking to the media, thanked Rohan for showing a great support to VeriME. “With a product this great, the tech so strong, and now Rohan on board, we would be able to scale our business in the South Asia region and grow our user base more efficiently, just as we planned.” he said.

When asked about the future goals, Rohan said, “With VeriME, we are bringing the wave of change in the South Asian region. Their concept is great and so is their technology. My goal is to take VeriME to the Government Institutions, Financial Institutions, TelCos and Merchants across Sri Lanka and we are sure that they will be happy to partner with us. After all, the benefits of this product, along with the added incentivization through the VME Referral Program, is an offer too lucrative to ignore.”

About VeriME

VeriME, launched in early 2017, is a Singaporean FinTech startup specializing in blockchain based Verification-as-a-Service solution to facilitate easy and fast user KYC and authentication for Banks, Financial Institutions, TelCos, Marketplaces and large merchants. VeriME has partnered with 35+ partners globally encompassing more than 300,000 online merchants and their consumers. VeriME’s flagship products, D-KYC and D-SECURE, can be utilized by customers and merchants for efficient digital authentication. The customers can be at peace knowing that their information is not being recorded or transmitted during the verification process.

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TrueVett is a blockchain based Verification-as-a-Service…


TrueVett is a blockchain based Verification-as-a-Service that facilitates easy and fast user authentication for merchants. For more information visit our website:

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TrueVett is a blockchain based Verification-as-a-Service that facilitates easy and fast user authentication for merchants. For more information visit our website: