Veriteos × EmpiricaLab

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3 min readOct 31, 2023

Carlos Rodarte, Norma Padron, and Kyloon Chuah

We’re excited to announce the partnership between Veriteos — a data-driven community care navigation platform that brings coordinated, culturally relevant, and dignifying mental health to underserved communities, and EmpiricaLab — a company whose mission is to help healthcare organizations overcome their biggest challenges by helping their teams train, work and collaborate better.

Across the community setting, the success of program innovation and adoption of new care models require implementation of compliant and lean processes. Through our partnership, we aim to bring time-tested best practices to our community health center partners, enabling them to achieve optimal provider productivity, as well as effective workforce development across behavioral health programs in the endeavor to ultimately improve outcomes for patients and their communities.

EmpiricaLab was founded to address the pressing need for a streamlined, enterprise-level solution for knowledge capital management within healthcare organizations. EmpiricaLab’s cloud-based platform provides healthcare enterprises with a comprehensive tool to seamlessly coordinate training throughout an employee’s career journey. From the initial onboarding phase, through compliance training, to specialized project and peer-driven learning experiences, EmpiricaLab stands as the definitive source for all training requirements, ensuring excellence and consistency in knowledge delivery.

With Outcomes Insights — a core component within the Veriteos Community Care Navigation Platform — we aim to collectively address the resource limitations, rising labor costs, and workforce turnover due to burnout faced by community clinics by equipping clinical and operational teams with comprehensive tools surfacing data-driven insights to better deliver patient-centered care navigation and achieve financial sustainability. Optimizing for healthcare delivery requires collaboration, and it’s in this context where a partnership with EmpiricaLab is best positioned.

“Health center leaders are among the strongest advocates for enhanced care models that center on health equity and community impact”, said Carlos Rodarte, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Veriteos. He adds, “As health centers receive various program innovation grants, Veriteos and EmpiricaLab working together, can better support workforce training on the path towards behavioral health outcomes improvement.”

“In partnership with Veriteos, EmpiricaLab is committed to strengthening our support for community settings as they embrace cutting-edge processes,” stated Dr. Norma Padron, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EmpiricaLab. “By elevating training in critical domains such as data literacy, integration of artificial intelligence in healthcare enterprises, and data-informed quality and performance, we equip front-line providers to excel in their primary mission: delivering unparalleled patient care.”

Veriteos and EmpiricaLab are mission-aligned to ensure operation teams and providers at community health centers have all the necessary tools and support in bringing a more integrated, efficient, and patient-centered behavioral health care experience for everyone. We strive to set the standard for what community care should be, inclusive of all the efforts from other Outcomes Network partners.

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