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Veriteos × Rubix LS

We’re excited to announce the partnership between Veriteos — a data-driven enablement platform for empowering patient access to effective digital health solutions via outcomes-based care models, and Rubix LS — a healthcare data analytics company focusing on enabling precision clinical research to drive inclusive health outcomes for diverse patient populations.

In the United States, minority racial and ethnic groups comprise of nearly 40% of the population; however, a mere 25% of the 32,000 participants in the clinical trials of 53 novel drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were represented by non-White participants. Data generated through clinical studies that lack representation from minority populations often incorporate unintended biases and inaccuracies that may inadvertently introduce barriers in access and eligibility, medical mistrust, and disparities in health outcomes.

Through this partnership, Rubix LS brings their expertise in enabling clinical research that embodies an important goal — creating real-world evidence (RWE) that truly reflects the diversity of the American population — to the Outcomes Network. This represents an important milestone towards our collective mission in improving the accessibility of affordable and effective digital health solutions for patients with unmet needs.

The multidisciplinary team at Rubix LS unites experts from their respective fields — scientists and engineers; doctors and researchers; product designers and regulatory strategists — working hand-in-hand with digital health companies in generating data and insights to identify and reduce health disparities for patients from traditionally underserved populations. Furthermore, it is imperative that we are able to systematically measure and quantify the adoption, engagement and retention metrics of digital health solutions in the context of individual as well as population health outcomes. By doing so, we have the ability to leverage a closed feedback mechanism to continuously reinforce improvements in health outcomes for the patient communities that we serve.

To execute on this vision, we will work in tandem with the team at Rubix LS in efforts such as educating and recruiting prospective patients into remote clinical studies, as well as supporting and engaging patients and their loved ones through their care journey. Additionally, we also aim to integrate population-scale clinical and social determinants of health (SDOH) datasets, including data from 750,000 underserved patients from Rubix LS. We look to uncover social drivers of health that contribute to disparities in health outcomes within the community setting with the help of our purpose-built data infrastructure, data science tools, and machine learning capabilities to augment the deep analytical expertise of the Rubix LS team. We’ll use the derived insights to address identified care gaps, working closely with other Health Promoting Organizations and Digital Health Companies within the Outcomes Network to ensure every eligible patient has equitable access to the right care and treatment that are powered by digital technologies, at the right time. This targeted approach emphasizes the delivery of culturally competent digital health solutions, informed by intentional and inclusive efforts specifically tailored to instill trust and credibility, as well as promote overall improvement in health outcomes despite the heterogeneity in patient demographics and behavioral risk factors.

“The opportunity to leverage the scalability of digital health solutions in driving participation and representation of diverse patient populations in clinical studies, generating rich and insightful data that will benefit every patient”, said Reginald Swift, CEO of Rubix Life Sciences.

From left to right: Carlos Rodarte (President and Co-founder, Veriteos), Reginald Swift (CEO and Founder, Rubix LS) and Kyloon Chuah (CEO and Co-founder, Veriteos).

We strongly believe in collaborative initiatives that bring individuals, organizations as well as communities together in achieving meaningful yet sustainable impact on health equity. We’ve heard time and again from innovative digital health companies about the challenges in reaching the populations they aim to serve, and this partnership goes a long way in ensuring no patient will be left behind in spite of the US healthcare labyrinth. As such, we’re stoked to have Rubix LS as a partner on our journey to make outcomes-centric healthcare a reality for everyone.

For more information, please reach out to us at

Thanks to Carlos Rodarte for reading drafts of this post.



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