Your National Clay Week Insider Tips from Pottery Master, Steven

National Clay Week is the upcoming Oct 10–14! Get exclusive tips from pottery master Steven Allen on how you can get the most out of this week from Monday to Friday.

The best thing? No day will be the same!

Are you ready for National Clay Week? Verlocal and SMAart Studio can help you celebrate the first annual National Clay Week ( The goal of NCW is to unite the clay communities: potters, factories, engineers…everyone! Each day of the week is dedicated to an aspect of the clay experience.

  • October 10:

Using Handmade: A great way to celebrate the first day of clay week is to use something made from clay. Handmade ceramic objects have a quality about them that is very personal. These one of a kind objects are a sustainable and enjoyable way to support your local artists.

  • October 11:

Clay Conversations: Check out a day of conversations with ArtAxis potters via Periscope, see cups come to life and their personality exemplified in an improvisational performance by Gulf Coast State College Theatre Department, or take the Pottery Class Taught by Master Potter Steve or Maria at SMAart!

  • October 12:

Collaboration and Development: Share pictures and ideas with fellow collaborators, open your creative process up to new possibilities, and relieve any creative blockage you might experience. Join other artists on Day 3 of National Clay Week to learn, explore, and understand how other artist use Collaboration to develop their creativity.

  • October 13:

Nuts and Bolts: See the manufacturing process, take a studio tour, see a live demonstration, learn about ancient pottery preservation, and much more…

  • October 14:

Community Outreach: Take the materials into the world. Introduce the world to clay by doing a clay activity. Check out the Pottery Class — Morning Clay and Coffee on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings at SMAart!

SMAart Gallery & Studio offers ceramic classes and handmade ceramic items.

Register for one of our ceramic classes on Verlocal: 
Pottery Class Taught by Master Potter Steve or Maria
Pottery Class — Morning Clay and Coffee

Article Written by Steven Allen

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