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Zhi Ning Lee
Jun 8, 2018 · 5 min read

Each week, “Verlocal Diaries” records the Verlocal team’s adventures to various classes conducted by our hosts. From the narration of our hosts’ stories to the thoughts of our fellow participants, we piece together everything we have experienced to create a long lasting memory in the form of a diary entry — that is both personal and shareable.

Goodman Open House 2018 Re:Imagined (Image Credit: VerlocalSG)

We were welcomed by vibrant and lively colours when we entered Goodman Open House 2018 Re:Imagined. The place was buzzing with people and the atmosphere was pulsing with excitement! There was so much to do at the festival and we were overwhelmed by the variety of activities available.

Upon reaching Artefakts’ studio, we were amazed at the number of people who were queuing in the cramped corridor to enter the room. The narrow corridor led to a spacious and brightly-lit studio where Jeffrey was seen demonstrating the art of paper marbling to the open house visitors.

Jeffrey teaching the visitors of the Goodman Open House 2018 Re:Imagined. (Image Credit: VerlocalSG)

The outcome looked amazing and we were all intrigued by how Jeffrey manipulated the colours into his desired patterns. As we stared at the sample pieces Jeffrey displayed on the long table, we all had differing opinions on how he formed the pattern and were eager to get our hands on to recreating them. In fact, our conversation with Jeffrey revealed his desire to spur non-artists’ to reconnect with the artist within them.

“Suddenly they (adults who are non-artists) find that something is missing, which is their artistic side. So I’m trying to help them rediscover the artist in them. So that’s my goal in the long-term, to spread the word around and just give a chance to anyone who has never had an opportunity to do art, to come into the studio and try something out.” — Jeffrey

We then met Jasmine, whose interest in paper marbling was sparked by the open workshop.

Jasmine focused on marbling her paper. (Image Credit: VerlocalSG)

Well, Jeffrey will be pleased to know that this paper marbling workshop did spark a non-artist’s interest in developing her paper marbling skills further. Among the numerous families who visited the workshop, Jasmine and her friend stood out. She shared that they came across Goodman Open House when they were searching for festivals to visit that weekend and found Artefakts’ paper marbling workshop interesting.

“I think [that paper marbling is] very interesting and it’s very therapeutic just making dots and to see what comes out.” — Jasmine

Having no prior experience in arts, Jasmine tried the paper marbling workshop as a casual interest. However, Artefakts’ trial workshop sparked her interest in finding out more about paper marbling.

“I think it’s a casual thing, but after this workshop, I might be more interested in taking on more forms of art or maybe going further into learning how to make different patterns. (So you are interested in going more in depth into paper crafting?) Yes, go more in depth into this one (paper marbling) actually.” — Jasmine

We also met Vivian who brought her daughter to the workshop.

Vivian’s daughter working on her paper marbling piece. (Image Credit: VerlocalSG)

As we walked around the workshop, we spotted Vivian happily taking multiple snapshots of her daughter working on the paper marbling piece. It was delightful to see Vivian’s eagerness to record the moment of her daughter trying out a new art form.

“It is really very new and very interesting. I think she (daughter) is really enjoying it! — Vivian

Vivian brought her daughter down to the open house because her daughter is interested in arts. She also found that her daughter does not have the opportunity to dabble in different forms of art in school and hence took the opportunity to expose her to art forms like paper marbling through the open house.

“She (daughter) said she is interested so we decided to bring her here so that she can have a look at what other people are doing. She can get a better exposure because what she is doing in school today has probably quite limited choices. Like she is doing calligraphy today, so I thought I have to expose her to different art forms.” — Vivian

Vivian shares that she will be supportive of her daughter’s interest and will like to bring her daughter to more arts and craft workshops if her daughter wishes to do so.

Similar to Vivian, there are many other parents who wish to expose their children to more art forms other than the limited options provided in school. One other parent is Nisha, who brought her young daughter and son to try out paper marbling.

“My daughter is really interested in arts and crafts so I thought it would be a really good opportunity for her to come and see things are there for her to explore.” — Nisha

Last Thoughts

While Jeffrey’s initial intention was to expose adult non-artists to paper marbling through this open workshop, he unexpectedly attracted many parents who are keen to expose their children to paper marbling, an art form rarely seen in Singapore. This, however, shines light to the essence of art, which is the ability to express oneself — and that applies to people of all ages.

“You don’t need very specific art skills, anyone can enjoy this art.” — Jeffrey

Interested in rediscovering the artist within you? Sign up for Jeffrey’s lessons by clicking here!

The drying process of beautifully marbled pieces. (Image Credit: VerlocalSG)

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